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Strategy for Successful Online Learning Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


This a research paper. 
An APA citation and brief summary for each of the two peer-reviewed articles you selected School library ---
SUCCEEDING IN GRADUATE SCHOOL ONLINE: TIPS FROM SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS. By: Payne, Denise A., Johnson, Julie M., College Student Journal, 01463934, Mar2005, Vol. 39, Issue 1
I chose this article talk about strategies for successful online
How can you become an effective or more effective online learner? What are some strategies you can use? Can your skills as a learner in a traditional environment be leveraged for success in a distance-learning environment? 
• strategies for successful online learning that include planning, managing time, using technology, and communicating effectively
• Access, search, and download a peer-reviewed article
• Distinguish between peer-reviewed articles and non-peer-reviewed articles
• Explain the importance of peer-reviewed articles to a scholar-practitioner


Strategy for successful Online Learning
University affiliation
Strategy for successful Online Learning
Succeeding in Graduate School Online: Tips From Successful Students: By: Payne, Denise A., Johnson, Julie M., and College Student Journal
A summary of the Journal
This is a journal that featured a project whose purpose was to give advice to graduate students practicing distance learning. The project in the journal was also aimed at enriching instructors with knowledge that would help online students excel. After conducting interviews on different participants, various advantages of distant learning were mentioned. The participants said that the distance learning was efficient, convenient and resourceful. It also gives chances to students who would have not been able to travel a chance to learn from wherever they are. According to this article, distant learning allows students to have many perspectives from different faculty members of high-quality who have diverse experiences. The participants in the project also said that distant learning is flexible; hence allowing them to study while still working (Payne, Johnson & Julie, 2005).
In this journal, the difference between online learning and traditional learning is also outlined. Online courses have been found to be comprehensive and more challenging compared to traditional courses. The online learning requires more typing and learning than conventional courses in the online learning, there are no professors present like in the traditional learning. The students are expected to study on their own and complete assignments on their own. According to this article, it is easy to apply for online courses and also quick and easy to communicate with committee members, professors and advisors through phone calls, chat rooms and e-mails. Students have been advised in the journal to have good knowledge on technology if they are to successfully learn through the online technology (Payne, Johnson & Julie, 2005).
How to become an effective or more effective online...
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