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The History Of Racism In Education: The Effects Of Racism To Students (Research Paper Sample)


TEXTBOOK : School and Society: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives by Tozer, Violas and Senese
In continuing to understand those who have been inadequately served and/or historically discriminated against because of their racial/ethnic or linguistic backgrounds, gender or sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and special needs: Write a research paper examining the history of education as it relates to either one of the following: gender, socio-economic status, and/or special needs. The textbook, as well as YouTube videos of your topic choice, should be cited as well as at least 4 outside references. Include a historical timeline in your discussion. 8-9 page expectation.

For your choice of education as it relates to gender please view YouTube: History of Woman in Education
Some additional information on gender please view YouTube Education: The Vicious Cycle of Education. (about 6 minutes)
For your choice in education and socio-economic status please view YouTube Education: The Vicious Cycle of Education. (about 6 minutes)
For your choice in the history of education as it relates to special needs children
Please view YouTube Education: The History of Special Education
Transcripts for these videos are available for those students working with Disability Services.


History of Racism in Education
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The History of Racism In Education
Racism has always been perpetuated by individuals who have a different color. In the 18th and the 19th centuries, racism was highly practiced in the USA. The roots of racism were recorded in all fields ranging from employment sectors, political position and even in education. Racism was experienced in schools, and it is still being experienced in schools, and no one is a position to claim they are not affected by racism. This is because of racism if we are not perpetrators of racism than we are its supporters. We may not directly show our support this form of discrimination, but we are its supporters as we do not speak against it. In America, racism has been experienced from way back the in history. This research paper will focus on how racism was used to discriminate African Americans who resided in the United States of America. Racism has been deeply rooted in America from the 18th century. Racism was even supported by the constitution as it discriminated Africans in the process of administration.
Racism took its roots in America after the founders of the nation put in words that slaves were not full people who could be matched to a white person. This concept has been practiced from way back then up to now. Racism also established its roots with the establishment of formal education. Schools became institutions where African Americans were discriminated against as they did receive enough treatment as the whites and also they were denied the opportunity to excel in academics. The history and revolutions in education have been accompanied by racism in every course of the way. The history of education has always had some association with factors such as racism. The growth of knowledge up to the 21st century has recorded decrease in discriminative practices recorded in schools. This change has been recorded due to campaigns which discourage this practice. These campaigns are useful as they involve the whole population of both whites and blacks who try to spread the campaign that we are all equal despite the color.
Schools have always formed a base for practicing racism as they are social institutions. Social acts that are formalized tend to be conserved by individuals who find interest in it. In schools, there have always been racists who critique African and discourage them from learning as they are destined for hard labor. Black students have ever suffered at the hands of the whites who feel superior to them. The administrators who are in charge of education have always been defective as they fail to set measures that will eliminate racism from the picture. This problem has taken the course from way back in history and has been succeeded form one generation to another.
Law alone cannot outdo racism as a social practice that has been institutionalized has always been hard to wipe out. Public schools and institutions of higher learning have always been the perfect vehicle for perpetuating racism as they provide an opportunity to continuously and systematically teach the concepts and ways of practicing racism. Racism has been perpetrated using textbooks and general lack of minority teachers and administrators. Other means which were used in the historical times involved the misuse of testing material to inaccurately and unjustly label and classify students.
Research question and objective
The purpose of this research is to formulate a paper that critically analyses education and racism from way back then in the 18th century. This paper tries to connect how discrimination was perpetuated through education. The primary focus of this paper is racism in culture from the 18th century up to da...

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