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Awareness of Positive and Negative Environments in Early Childhood (Research Paper Sample)


Instructions: This research paper assignment includes a 3-page paper using APA format and 3 educational citations (course text, video and one journal article minimum) with matching references.
Step #1: Go to the One Circle Inc Website https://www(dot)onecircle(dot)org and scroll down to watch the vimeo video on Child Abuse prevention.
Step #2: After watching the video, you will conduct research to investigate the effects of an absence of a positive (nurturing) environment and the impacts of a negative (traumatic) environment.
Step #3: In your research paper I want you to answer the following questions:
* What if a positive environment does not exist?
* How might you advocate personally and professionally for young children in negative situations?
* You will cite specific suggestions, examples and/or strategies from educational research articles to achieve/support children in those specific environments.
* Address critical perspectives regarding verbal and physical touches of children who come from those environments (for example: how might verbal and physical touches from a teacher impact a child from an abusive home?)
Step #4: You must include information and cite information from your course text of Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 of Marion Dowling's book "Young Children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development" 4th edition
Dowling, M. (2014). Young Children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development. (4th edition). Los Angeles: Sage Publishing
Step #5: You must also cite specific examples from the video from
Step #6: Use the Pacific Oaks Library webstite https://tcsedsystem(dot)libguides(dot)com/POC_Library
to search for scholarly resources to include a minimum of one peer reviewed journal article.
Step #7: In your research paper make sure to define verbal and physical abuse in children.
Step #8: In your research paper make sure to contrast and compare the effects on children of having a positive and negative environment to grow up in.
Step #9: In your research paper make sure to describe how you can advocate for young children in negative situations.
Step #10: In your research paper make sure to address critical perspectives regarding verbal and physical touches of children who come from those environments is included.
Research Paper Requirements:
* Must be 3 full pages in total.
* Must be Double-spaced, 12 point font, with 1 inch margins
* Must be in APA Format
* Must have a minimum of 3 APA educational citations (which can be your course textbook, the video from Once Circle and one educational journal article).
* I uploaded screenshot images of Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 of Marion Dowling's book "Young Children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development" 4th edition and since I could only upload 20 images the rest of the screenshot images are located in the DropMeFiles Link:
Thank you for your time and stay safe during this COVID 19 outbreak.


Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education
Jaffee (2017) notes that child maltreatment is the treating of children often below the age of 18 with so much neglect. It entails abuse ranging from verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, commercial, or sometimes overexploitation. Some forms of physical abuse include punching, slapping, burning, or suffocating. The forms of verbal abuse also referred to as verbal bullying, include insulting or humiliating someone using harsh words. Villanueva (2017) adds that the environment where the child grows in determines their overall wellbeing. Hence, everyone's mandate to ensure an environment that is healthy and that which will influence children's development either directly or indirectly.
Ventura Weddings (2012) states in their video that physical assault has led to killings of children: every three to four hours, a child is killed. A child's home environment plays much in their development. Researchers made conclusive reports on the impact of positive environments for the sake of a child's development. They have pointed out that some of the causes of buses amongst children include disabilities among children, the absence of family in a child's life. Poverty or other social advantages could be a good cause of abuse: unemployed parents might be pushed to inflict any of the abuses mentioned above. Non-biological parents also are most likely to create a negative environment at home. Most importantly, violence in the community as well as a part in the way a child develops.

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