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Practioner Interview. Interview a licensed counselor Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


You will be required to interview a licensed counselor (e.g., professional school counselor, LCPC, clinical psychologist) regarding the types of ethical issues they find to be prominent in their work, as well as the ethical practices to which they adhere. You should select someone whom you consider to be a positive role model for your own personal practice, as well as someone who would be comfortable in sharing their thoughts with you on this topic. Do not tell or otherwise reveal the person’s name to the instructor to preserve maximum confidentiality for any sensitive disclosures which may occur. The interview itself is estimated to take between 1-2 hours. A sample guideline (i.e., topic outline sheet) will be attached. Write a summary report (7-8 pages) of this interview together with your reaction, reflection, and learning from the interview. The paper should be double-spaced typed and APA style and format. The paper will be graded based on the quality of interview, insightfulness and depth of your learning, and writing skills.


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I chose to interview a school counselor who I look up to and aspire to be like, in the years to come. She has been a counselor for 15 years, dealing with mostly high school students. I have asked her to describe what the profession is like in one word, and she said it is exciting.
Being a high school counselor, she handles several cases, maybe personal or academic-related, sometimes both. It also differs in the difficulty level because she described that one student’s problem might be related to not being able to go to the school’s field trip, and one student’s question may be the death of a family, but she clarified that this does not mean that you value one more than the other. The usual issues described were vast; most were related to a point and why it affects the child’s academic performance. Some are family problems, usually the divorce of their parents, or in some worse cases, domestic abuse witnessed in their own homes. Financial issues are also common, especially when the parents or the self-supporting child is already having a hard time making ends meet, which is also a concern of this profession because this obstacle hinders the child’s dream and aspiration in life, but of course, there are limits to what a high school counselor can do. 

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