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Introduction to Social Problem Worksheet. Social Sciences Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Using a separate Word document, answer the following prompts in an essay format:
First, select a social problem to analyze throughout this course. You may select from the list or come up with a social problem you wish to analyze:
• Euthanasia
• Illiteracy
• Human Trafficking
• Alcohol abuse
• Inequity in the workplace
• Drug Abuse
• Poverty
• Child Abuse
• Juvenile Delinquency
• Economic inequality
Remember, you will use your selected social problem to complete other assignments throughout this course.
In an essay format, cite one scholarly source from the GCU library in addition to the textbook and complete the following:
1. Describe your selected social problem in its social context. (55- 75words).
2. Use your sociological imagination to explain how the selected social problem is influenced by society (75-100 words).
3. Select the theoretical perspective(s) (functionalist, conflict, and interactionist) that best aligns with the social problem you’ve selected to analyze in this course.
4. Explain why the theoretical perspective(s) you chose is best to explain the selected social problem.
5. Next, use that theoretical perspective(s) to explain how your selected social problem came to be and how it is perpetuated. (150-200 words)


Alcohol Abuse in Society
Institutional Affiliation
Alcohol Abuse in Society
Alcohol abuse negatively impacts society. It affects the abuser’s family, friends, and relatives. Many marital problems have been blamed on alcohol. Some of these problems include domestic violence, child neglect, and financial constraints. Alcoholism also plays a significant role in criminal activities (Moss, 2013). Abusers’ impaired judgment is likely to cause them to engage in such cruel acts as rape, murder, or robbery.

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