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AI Voice Assistants. The Innovation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice Assistant Technology (Research Paper Sample)


us the article "The Great Equalizer" As a writing reference
Assignment: research (at least five credible sources), prepare and deliver a well-organized
• Tell us about some of the following:
• the main message (value added to the main idea that you want to convey)
• Definitions of concepts and terms
• the situation/the problem/the opportunity/the issue
• significant research findings/conclusions
• significant recommendations/suggestions/ways forward for people/organizations/industries about this issue
• surprises you encountered
• problems/changes in your thinking/approach/analysis since researching and preparing the presentation
• successes/important learning /new solutions/opportunities you discovered
• anything else that you think we should know
• Main message
• Main points
• Structure of thinking and expression
• Vocabulary (except technical jargon)
• More than two of the same sources


The Innovation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice Assistant Technology
and its Cognitive Effect to Humans
A Research Paper
* Background of the Research
The innovation and creation of artificially intelligent voice assistants is one of the promises of the internet. Generally, the internet wants to make everything easy to humans. Searching through the web is easy but searching through the web using the command of your voice is much easier. Through the years, the innovations on smart gadgets happen instantly. Research says, about 75% of the world’s population uses a smart gadget—smart phone, smart television, smart appliances and many more. Developers and inventors really don’t stop in making these gadgets act as real human. Besides, some of them even talk like humans.
In 2011, Apple introduced a new feature to their iPhone 4s, Siri. Siri has an artificially intelligent voice assistance feature that can perform basic tasks like calling, sending a text message, searching on the internet and many more. Through this innovation, other smart phone manufacturers start in adding this specific feature to their gadgets. Eventually, the tasks that AI Voice Assistance feature were increased. To date, AI Voice Assistance feature can even pay your bills, order you food, book you some hotel rooms and a lot more. Truly, this feature helps smart phone users live in own convenience.

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