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Analytical Essay. Make quotation from the article. Social Sciences (Essay Sample)


There are 11 pdfs lecture notes and 1 article embed in 3 pages. You need to make quotation from the article. And one image of the prompt. It's due on July 8th 5pm


Analytical Essay
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Analytical Essay
The American politics seem to thrive well in a toxic environment. Over the years, there have been high level conflicts in the American politics. The political Arena is characterized by massive disagreements over government policies that have created huge divisions among the American Citizens. Many Americans are fed up with the unending conflicts, although, some quotas are of the view that political conflict is a constant and necessary force in maintaining a toxic environment. In as much as many Americans are wishing for peaceful political environment that fosters economic growth, sound judicial systems, and equality in the society, the desires are still far from being realized since the constitution offers a conducive ground that harbors conflict politics. The drafters of the constitution were aware that there would be possible needs for the government to strengthen its mandate after previous struggles under the guidance of the article of confederation. As a result, the framers of the constitution created the possibility of the government to abuse its powers to control the peoples’ freedom. The framers built points of conflicts into the design of the constitution to create intentional conflict. 

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