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Southwest Airlines Co Business & Marketing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Select a major US commercial air carrier and discuss how your selected airline relates to the selected topics listed below. Write a minimum of 2000 word paper, using proper APA formatting and a minimum of 5 (5-7) references from any source necessary to gather your information. Ensure you have reviewed the syllabus for further instructions and details for this assignment.

-Explain the history of your airline and describe its economic, structural, and competitive characteristics pre and post deregulation.

-Identify the various route structure and product alternatives, the costs and benefits of each, and means for achieving product differentiation.

-Identify the various airline departments and the role of each in planning, development, and execution of flight operations

-Describe airline cost structure, the nature of fixed, variable, and controllable costs, and methods employed by your selected carrier to obtain sustainable competitive cost advantages over other carriers.

-Discuss the methods of Revenue Management used by your selected air carrier and how it relates to other industries.


Southwest Airlines Co.
Institutional Affiliation
Southwest Airlines Co.
Southwest Air cooperation (SWA) was started in 1966 by a group of Texas investors and incorporated in 1967. SWA was started as Air Southwest Company after Lamar Muse, Herbert Kelleher, and Rollin King came together to contribute an initial capital of $560,000. In 1971, Air Southwest launched its first that connected in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas (SWA, 2018). In February 1968, SWA asked for permission to operate in some specific routes but even after Texas Aeronautics Commission (TAC) granted them their wish, three major competitors opposed the move by filing a suit. In December 1970, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the case in favor of Air Southwest after Kelleher took it there. In 1973, the company posted its first profit and began RUSH cargo service. In 1975, Air Southwest went public as its shares started selling on the American Stock Exchange. In 1976, Air Southwest was renamed Southwest Airlines Co. The company’s shares migrated to the New York Stock Exchange in 1977.

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