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Logistics (Research Paper Sample)

Q1. Describe the quality control implications of the major changes that have taken place in food chains today compared to the past. Q2. Why is it important to understand cultural diversity and political differences when implementing quality control initiatives at the global scale? Q3. Discuss the role and importance of the "6-Ts" (Traceability, Transparency, Testability, Time, Trust, and Training) relative to food supply chain quality management. Additional Requirements Min Pages: 3 Max Pages: 4 Other Requirements: With References source..
Name: Logistics Course Code Instructor: Date of Submission Introduction Regulation of an industry is done for a couple of reasons. The main reason is to provide a level platform for all the players in the industry. This helps prevent and eliminate monopoly thereby reducing chances of exploitation and unfair competition practices (Stone, 2008). Quality control is one of the most common forms of regulations. In the recent past, food chains all over the world have been subjected to quality controls. This discussion looks at some of the implications associated with quality controls. Quality Control Implications The outbreak of food poisoning in the Germany in the year 2011 sent jitters in the entire European region and the world at large. By its very nature, food is very sensitive. This means that without proper regulations in terms of quality, the consequences can be quite hazardous. With the quality control of food chains throughout the world, there has been an increase in the quality of food served. Quality controls ensure that there are general standards that are maintained throughout all food chains. There is therefore the implication of reduction of illnesses related to food poisoning. Another implication is the increase of healthy foods provided by the food chains (Schlosser, 2012). A regulation of quality controls involves regulating the amount of portions, for example calories, contained in each food group. Food chains are not allowed to serve foods that are too rich in calories. This is likely to result to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. There is therefore a general improvement on people’s health as result of the quality control. Quality Control Initiatives at the Global Level When seeking to implement quality control initiatives at the global level, there are certain factors that must be considered. These factors include political differences and cultural diversity. Various parts of the globe embrace different cultures. These cultures inform various aspects of their life including food matters (Stone, 2008). For example, Muslims can only eat food that is Halal approved. A Halaal approval is one that ensures that the food does not contain any ‘unclean’ ingredients as pr...
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