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Organization Culture (Research Paper Sample)


I am writing my proposal defense that relates to internet marketing with luxury brand owners online. I have an element within my scope that talks about how companies of different culture, history, size and orgin would have an impact to their marketing strategy. can you please provide some reference based on what I listed above related to different organizations?


Organization culture
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There are different types of organizational culture that influence their marketing strategies. The market oriented organizational culture is the most significant culture because it focuses on the target market for goods and services. The luxury brand owners’ internet marketing strategies require a market oriented organizational culture because it is the most flexible in satisfying customer’s needs. Other types of organizational culture include clan which focuses on creating an atmosphere of communal effort, adhocracy which focuses on continuous improvements through innovation and entrepreneurship and hierarchy organizational culture which emphasizes on highly controlled mechanisms that guarantee organizational stability (Cameron, 2011). These organizational cultures are limiting to a marketing strategy because strategies may require changing frequently to remain relevant to target market’s needs. Marketing strategies also require being highly personalized to achieve the highest returns instead of assuming a one size fits all approach of the clan organizational culture. A successful brand owners marketing strategy also requires a flexible market oriented organizational culture instead of a hierarchy organizational culture which is highly structured and controlled aspects which may hinder creativity.
Organizational size also has an impact on the adoption of an online marketing strategy. It is important to evaluate the luxury brand owners’ size to determine efficiency in developing effective and successful internet marketing strategies. Research has shown that small sized organizations are reluctant to employ various forms marketing initiatives including internet marketing as compared to larger organizations (Iweka, 2007). They indicate that reasons for this may be because small organizations exist for reasons other than maximizing profit. These may include deriving a sense of pride of ownership or obtaining minimal income and pursuing leisure activities simultaneously. Louis Vuitton is a large luxury brand owner and it has a wide array of brands in the fashion world. The company sells its luxury goods such as bags in chain stores in different locations.Larger size luxury brand owners are best placed to pursue efficient internet marketing because of the inculcated value in achieving the set objectives. It is important for such brand owners to keep overcoming the size barrier through consistent acquisitions of more fashion brands as part of its marketing strategy. This is because customers are attracted to growing businesses for they provide more options to suit their every need.
Different brand owners have different history in online marketing and marketing in general. Their history in marketing influences the efficiency of the online marketing strategy. It is important to analyze how long different luxury brand...
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