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Effects of Trade Wars on Real Estate. Finance Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The paper should be 10 to 12 pages, double spaced with margins not exceeding 0.5 inches, and font size between 10 and 12 point. The page count does not include tables, charts and references. Use standard footnote and/or endnote formats and include fully identified references on a separate page(s). You analysis write up should begin with an Executive Summary that briefly states in less than one page the objective of your paper and what conclusions you came to. The paper should end with a conclusion section. In addition, use subheadings throughout the paper to separate different subtopics.


Effects of Trade Wars on Real Estate
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One of the challenges that the international community faces in contemporary society is instilling control on international trade and preventing the event of a trade war and its consequences, especially on 'standby' countries. Organizations like the World Trade Organization (WTO) have not been able to keep international trade in check as unfair competition is still the main approach of many countries to achieve global economic powers of scale. With an increasing number of companies engaging in real estate, it is imperative to focus on the impacts of trade wars on real estate. Different researches have been conducted in recent generations to understand how trade wars have affected the real estate industry. To address the research gap existing in this area, this research focuses on addressing the implications of trade wars on the real estate market. This research will focus on presenting different case studies including the United States, the U.K., China, and Canada. Further, the research will discuss how the real estate industry has evolved over the years, the challenges it has faced, and the approaches and policies that have been implemented to address the same. The findings of the paper show that trade wars can have both positive and negative influences on real estate depending on the targeted products and nations. The paper draws from different trade wars in history and their effect on the countries involved but mostly covers the most recent trade war between China and the US.[The WTO is responsible for controlling the international trade through policy-making, negotiation and dispute resolution]

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