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Macroeconomics: Trade War. Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


This is a research project - in Microeconomics.
could you send article to me first? because my professor needs check article first! thanks.
Search for an article with a strong relationship with one of our topics in our studies. Use a quality source and legitimate effort. Review the article for appropriateness first.
Provide your topic and the link to the article you will be working on in the new discussion board titled "RESEARCH TOPIC"- you cannot duplicate another student's work - so first to post, if approved, has the topic - I will confirm to you individually that your topic is good to go. The sooner you submit the more time you will have.
Develop a 4-5 page discussion paper, first summarize the article, then identify the topic you think is clearly related to our work, why, and finally, explain how this has helped you to understand this topic on a new level.
Plagiarism if forbidden - it must be your own work and I will likely send it through a scanning program to check. If it bounces - so does your grade.
You must list all references and citations in the work as well. While I can forgive grammar I will not permit stealing someone else's work.
submit your topic in the discussion board by 11/15 (Friday)
submit your finished paper by 11/26
follow APA format
Late work losses grade points each day it is delayed, and will not be accepted after the due date
100 points available for this assignment (See attached grading rubric)
This is a serious paper, and a serious opportunity to show what you have learned and how you can apply materials in class to real situations - show me what you got...
I already choose topic for you, it is about US trade war with China, this is ECON104 essay! Please follow to the link below to write this essay. If you have additional links, must send it to me before you give me the essay.


Macroeconomics: Trade War
Macroeconomics: Trade War
In the article “US-China trade war is pushing the world economy closer to the edge. The longer it goes on, the harder it will be to undo the damage,” Steinbock examines the possible effects of the U.S.-China trade war on the global economic growth. Steinbock first explores four scenarios that are likely to impact the global economic growth. In the first two, global integration is enhanced while in the second two scenarios, global integration suffers. The first of the two scenarios that enhance global integration involves cooperation between the U.S. and China, where a trade agreement is signed and both countries work towards eliminating additional tariffs as well as other areas that bring tension, such as technological advancement. In this scenario, global economic growth can be expected to rise above 4 percent. This is the best-case scenario. In the second scenario, the two countries achieve a trade agreement, but they are unable to resolve other areas that cause tension. In this scenario, uncertainty remains unstable, although it decreases a bit. Global economic growth is expected to remain between 3.5-3.9 percent. The third scenario, which results in a failed global integration, involves both countries failing to remove additional tariffs. As a result, the import value at risk increases ten times and China’s economic growth reduces by 0.4 percent while that of the U.S. decreases by 0.8 percent. Steinbock reveals that in this scenario, uncertainty will increase and the global economic growth will drop to 3 percent or less. In the fourth and final scenario, both countries approve additional tariffs and the U.S. continues attacking Chinese companies. Steinbock indicates that in this scenario, markets will become volatile and China’s economy will be gradually destroyed to a point of no recovery. The U.S. economic growth also suffers greatly. The global economic growth also drops to 2.5 percent or less and more people become globally displaced. This is the worst-case scenario. According to Steinbock, today, the world is headed towards the final scenario described above because the U.S. has already increased tariffs on Chines goods, as well as banned American companies from doing business with Huawei Technologies, a Chinese company. Steinbock also posits that the possible effects of this trade war are a decline in global economic activity and a drop in global economic growth, as estimated by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, respectively. Further, Steinbock projects that continued multilateral conflicts will have long-term effects on global economic growth, which will be difficult to reverse.

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