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Wise man or a fool (Reaction Paper Sample)

Hello Class, Here are the guidelines and grading form/rubric for Module 6's reflection. Sincerely, Prof. LW Did you write a strong, focused, and underlined thesis statement? Did you develop a clear introduction? Do you have a creative, interesting title for your reflection? 10 points Did your reflection respond directly to the assigned topic: Submit to your instructor a 250-word reflection response to the following question: Reflection Response 3 Read Gimpel the fool by gabriel garcia marquez and submit to your instructor a 250-word reflection response to the following question: Is Gimpel a wise man or a fool? Use the story liberally in your response. Submit as a Word document with the file name as YourLastNameENG311Reflection# to the instructor via the course Dropbox. Reflection responses will be graded for both grammar and mechanics and content and development. The reflection response is worth 100 points and is due Sunday by 11:59 EST/EDT. Did you pay particular attention to the the story's characterizations, conflicts, tone, themes, setting, images, dialog, and symbols? Are your paragraphs substantive and well-organized? Do you have smooth and logical transitions between ideas and paragraphs. Did you offer original insights that help the reader gain a better understanding of Singer's story? Important note: 1. Since the assignment is only 250 words, develop at least two to three substantive paragraphs. 80 points Did you cite the text in at least one in-text citation (direct quotation or paraphrase not more than two sentences long) and did you cite Porter in the ‘Work Cited' citation following the MLA format? 5 points Did you proofread your reflection to avoid errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling? 5 points Total: 100 points Important Notes: 1. Your essay is automatically submitted to Turnitin. Note that a Turnitin score of over 30% is considered plagiarism so aim to write your own interpretation of the text. This assignment is not research-based. You do not need any secondary sources. Aim to analyze the text as you understand it, in your own original words. source..
The story titled “Gimpel the fool” by Gabriel Garcia is a short fiction that contains an interesting story that passes a very educative message to the readers. The story has been spiced up with the literature figures like the irony, and metaphors among others (Snodgrass, 12).
Thesis statement
The short story causes a personal reaction, taking an individual through enormous journey of self-realization and change.
Gimpel appears as a static character from the initial impression that every individual would have when reading the story. This is from a statement he m...
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