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Oil Reserve in Israel (Reaction Paper Sample)


Oil Reserve in Israel

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The article reflects on the country of Israel and particularly the oil reserves in the country. For many years, Israel had tension and pressure both internally and externally as many pondered the reason behind the country lacking even a drop of oil whereas the neighbouring borders were oil- rich states. However, there was an announcement that immense oil reserves had been discovered in the Golan Heights located close to the border of Israel and Syria.
Following the announcement, it is in this light that the article was published to let the world know of the good news that oil reserves existed in Israel. The strata discovered was 350 metres thick, which was almost ten times larger than the common strata. Therefore, as much as they could not confirm the quantity and quality of the oil discovered, there was an assurance of significant quantities. The turn of events caused excitement and relief all over the country (Alster).
The discovery has not been an easy task since a chain of strategies had been laid to work out how to discover an oil reserve. For instance, a report dated September 2014 on the Golan exploration depicted a gathering of many prominent people like former US vice president Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch and Jacob Rothschild among others. A licence to drill the area was issued in April 2013, and the green light to develop the site was put on hold until December 2014 when the ruling gave a go-ahead to drill (Alster).
The discovery of the oil reserve occurred as a result of the continuous efforts in the country in search of strata producing oil. The site discovered is in proximity to the town of Katzrin, a natural habitat to special plants and all types of wild animals. It is also the home to the nature reserves like Gamia and Griffon vultures (Alster).
I feel that the discovery will be a game changer in Israel. Oil reserves are sources of revenue to the government as they result in being the major exports with lucrative returns. On the other hand, the public too will benefit since there will be the creation of massive employment, in turn leading to an improvement in the living standards. The Gross domestic product (GDP) of the country also will rise, which is a benefit to the welfare of the citizens and the economy.
However, the war zones surrounding the oil field poses a huge risk to the country. Should the oil reserves start producing oil, there is a high possibility that the war could extend to Israel. The border countries could take advantage of the war to prevent the exportation of the oil after production. Therefore, the discovery is not enough as the government should take an...
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