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Braggioni: Character analysis (Reaction Paper Sample)

Read Flowering Judas by Katherine A Porter and write a reaction paper on the following. Did you write a strong, focused, and underlined thesis statement? Did you develop a clear introduction? Do you have a creative, interesting title for your reflection? 10 points Did your reflection respond directly to the assigned topic: Submit to your instructor a 250-word reflection response to the following question: Our emphasis has largely been on Laura. Now consider the character of Braggioni. How does Porter characterize him? Do you think he is indeed capable of redemption? Remember always when responding to a work of literature, anchor your reflections in the story's characterizations, setting, images, dialog, and symbols. Grading Rubric Did you pay particular attention to the the story's characterizations, setting, images, dialog, and symbols? Are your paragraphs substantive and well-organized? Do you have smooth and logical transitions between ideas and paragraphs. Did you offer original insights that help the reader gain a better understanding of Porter's story? Important note: 1. Since the assignment is only 250 words, develop at least two to three substantive paragraphs. 80 points Did you cite the text in at least one in-text citation (direct quotation or paraphrase not more than two sentences long) and did you cite Porter in the ‘Work Cited' citation following the MLA format? 5 points Did you proofread your reflection to avoid errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling? 5 points Total: 100 points Important Notes: This assignment is not research-based. You do not need any secondary sources. Aim to analyze the text as you understand it, in your own original words. Note that your reflection is automatically submitted to Turnitin when you post your assignment in the designated Module 5 dropbox. Aim to have a Turnitin score way below the 30% allowed maximum result. source..
Braggioni: Character analysis
Braggioni is one of the major characters in Katherine Porter`s "Flowering Judas;. He displays character traits that suit the roles assigned to him in the book. Braggioni displays a theme of betrayal in the book. Braggioni has been disclosed as a revolutionary leader. He displays a self obsessed and vain character trait in his activities. This paper seeks to discuss the character traits of Braggioni as displayed by Katherine Porter in "Flowering Judas" and his ability for redemption.
Porter has characterized Braggioni as a revolutionist. This is due to his malice, cleverness, sharpness of wit, wickedness, hard heartened, and...
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