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Summary Of The Reading Of The Age Of Prevention (Reaction Paper Sample)


These papers will require approximately 2 paragraphs --one consisting of a summary of the reading for the day, and another giving your comment on the topic. At the end of each paper, you should also include a question that has come to you as a result of the reading.


The Age of Prevention
Summary of the reading for the day
From the Axial Age to the Age of Prevention, there was increased concern that failing to share the wealth separated people from God acts like even the poor ought to have enjoyed the blessings on earth. The link between spirituality and wealth also influenced social reforms that there were more efforts to try and alleviate suffering among the poor. Furthermore, more people migrated to major cities in Europe, but many lived in squalid conditions and this increases awareness about the plight of the urban poor working in poorly paid jobs and living in overcrowded houses. In the 15th and 16th centuries, there was more focus on the causes, consequences, and ways to reduce poverty. Humanists, administrators, and economists proposed their policy preferences to alleviate poverty with states taking on more responsibilities to reduce and prevent the increase in poverty rates. In the course of human history giving alms has become more mainstream and monasteries collected donations and gifts, but the change of society from agrarian economies to global trade the wealthy were able to concentrate more wealth while commoners sought work from city to city. it was no surprise that states focused more on poverty relief, but over time bureaucrats and administrators sought to reduce poverty and even punishing those who appear to have been taking advantage to get poverty relief and especially the able-bided poor who were considered healthy to work. The Elizabethan Poor Laws, which had supported relief to the poor, was less popular in the 18th century as the laissez-faire economic approach spread in Britain there was less support for poor relief since it was unproductive. Nonetheless, in the Age of Prevention, there was recognition that it was necessary to u

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