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What Does It Mean To Live On Less Than $5 A Day? (Research Paper Sample)


Experience Assignment:
What does it mean to live on less than $5 a day? Can you live without your cellphone, internet connection, public transportation, your Dunkin' or Starbucks?
For two days, try to live on less than $5 a day.
As seen above, there are two assignments due in the course of the semester. I suggest you keep a journal of your experiences and the difficulties you face trying to fulfill that task.
➢ You will then use these difficulties (and journal), to relate your experiences to class readings specific to each of the assignments. This means drawing on your experience to validate/critique/comment on ideas and arguments found in class readings.
Formatting and other expectations appear below, and papers failing to meet them will lose
• Papers must have a separate cover page with your name, the paper title, course number,
and date; this is the only place where your name should appear. DO NOT use
headers/footers with your name in them. (up to 10 pts. off)
• The paper's pages must be numbered. DO NOT number the cover page; p. 1 is the first
page of text, not the cover page. (10 pts. off if no page numbers) Foot/endnotes,
bibliography, charts, appendices, etc., do not count against the page limit.
• Pick one style of citation (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago) and follow it throughout your paper.
Follow the style when it comes to references inside the text or in footnotes, as well as for
the bibliography. Long quotations are unacceptable. Citation and quotation issues, up to
10 pts. off.
• Gross failure to proofread and correct obvious errors: up to 10 pts. off.
• Persistent grammar and similar errors: up to 5 pts. off per class of error
• Lateness: 10 pts. off per day late
• Your bibliography should reference at least 2 class readings. Up to 5 pts. off.
• Failure to meet page limit, font, spacing, margins. Up to 5 pts. off per error.
• Failure to follow directions (here and elsewhere in this syllabus). Up to 10 pts. off.
• Failure to have a bibliography page: 10 pts. Off
• A paper that relies primarily on basic reference sources (Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook,
Encyclopedia Britannica, etc.) for anything but statistics, election returns, and similar data
will not earn a grade higher than a C. If you are unsure about whether a source fits in this
category, all you have to do is ask me or your section leader.


What does it mean to live on less than $5 a day? Can you live without your cell phone, internet connection, public transportation, your dunkin’ or Starbucks? For two days, try to live on less than $5 a day
International organizations such as the World Bank, governments and other stakeholders, both in private and public sectors across the globe are engaging in various initiatives that are aimed at reducing poverty and enhancing the quality of life now and in future. Reports from the World Bank shows that these efforts have paid off with the achievements of the first Millennium Development Goals that were focused on cutting the global poverty rate by half from 1990 to 2015 (Leary). Although the progress made has been overwhelming, there is a large number of people living in extreme poverty across the globe, while the strategies in place to mitigate poverty might not be sufficient to meet the goals of 2030. Recent estimates by the World Bank shows that by 2013, 10.7% of the people in the world were living on less than $1.90 a day, while 1.1 billion were able to improve their quality of life by moving from extreme poverty. Notably, half of the extremely poor people in the world are found in Sub-Saharan Africa. These people live in the rural settings, are uneducated or lack a quality education, most work in the agricultural sector, and most of them are under the age of 18 (Leary). According to Fisher, many poor families in Africa face challenges that have come with the transformation from a subsistence lifestyle to a cash-based economy (9). In this context, the author alludes that the ability to generate income has become imperative because it is the primary means of acquiring other essential resources. From these insights, it is imperative to understand how these people survive and develop insights on how their lifestyles compare to those of people in developed countries. The intent of this paper is to review what it means to live on less than $5 a day, without the amenities, technologies, and lifestyle we are used to.
Changes in the economy have presented people with new challenges following a transition to a cash-based economy. In response to this issue, there are various initiatives that are meant to microfinance the poor people in a bid to improve their quality of life. Underlying these initiatives is the struggle faced by poor people not only from Sub-Saharan Africa but also in other developing countries. The Stanford Graduate School of Business supports the sentiments expressed by Leary that about half of the population in the world lives in poverty, with those living on $1 a day were in extreme poverty and those living on $2 were in moderate poverty (3). From this perspective, having at least $5 a day offers an individual an opportunity for a better life compared to almost half of the people in the world. Insights from the Stanford Graduate School of Business show that people living in poverty face numerous challenges in meeting the basic human needs that include food, health, she

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