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Lack Of Capability: The Poverty In the Philippines (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on Poverty In the Philippines


The Poverty in the Philippines

Lots of people wanted to know about poverty in the Philippines. People use the power of the internet looking for a credible source which can possibly answer their curiosity. In most cases, people search for “poverty in the Philippines Essay”, “thesis about poverty in the Philippines”, and a lot more about poverty essay. To begin with this topic, social stratification is the hierarchy of power and wealth to people in society. This where the labeling of social status started. To date, people use the terms rich, average, and the poor. Poverty as known is the lack of capability to follow the standards of society. Generally, if a person lacks money to buy the needs for survival, he then is part of the poverty line. The lacking of sources and financial freedom makes you part of the poor. People have inculcated this idea to their minds. This idea is acceptable, somehow. Yet, in the eye of educated people poverty is the other term of deprivation of power. The truth is, poverty comes along with the uneven distribution of two rights. The right to education and the right to employment.

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