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Pediatrics Asthma Action Plan (Reaction Paper Sample)

Pediatric Asthma Action Plan Instructions: A 10 year old boy, Henry, has been hospitalized three times over the past year for acute exacerbation of asthma. Environmental conditions have not changed during that time frame. The family lives in the same home and Henry attends the same school. His resultant absences from school are starting to have an effect on his academic performance. Both parents work full-time. They are very concerned about Henry's condition; this is the first time he required oxygen when he came to the Emergency Department. They ask you if there is anything they can do so this does not occur again. As the RN working on the pediatric unit, you perform a health history. Henry and his parents tell you Henry was getting progressively more short of breath, fatigued easily, and had a harsh cough for the past week. He was brought to the Emergency Department because he was having so much trouble breathing that his lips were turning blue. They did not seem to understand when you asked about Henry's asthma action plan. You identify knowledge deficit related to the therapeutic regime as a priority nursing diagnosis. In a 2 page paper, using size 12 font and double spacing, discuss the areas that need to be addressed in Henry's teaching plan prior to discharge. Rationales must be provided to support the teaching points. Consider Henry's developmental stage as you develop the plan. Include the current guidelines and/or evidenced based practice for a child with asthma in your discussion. Be sure to correctly cite your source(s) following APA format. Submit your assignment to the drop box. source..

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Pediatrics Asthma Action Plan
Asthma action plan is a crucial component for a safe high quality management of asthma. The action plan represents important principles of asthma care, clinical monitoring, medical management and patient education. Patients who visit emergency department with asthma problems needs to be given a written asthma action plan since it provides clear guidance on how and when to manage asthma symptoms. It also provides information on when to seek assistance and who should be called to provide care. The asthma action plan provides a roadmap that guides patients and family in the direction of a safe and effective self-management of asthma. With respect to Henry’s case, it is worth the time to craft a written action plan that will enable his parents to manage his case.
A written asthma action plan is important because it will provide what Henry’s parents needs to do in managing their child asthma problem (Strosahl, 2010). This will allow the parents to detect symptoms of asthma well in advance and take the necessary steps of intervention. Early detection and intervention will reduce unscheduled visits to the emergency department and this will translate into a reduced admission and death (Yin, et al., 2013). Since Henry’s parents are always busy and they live in the same house, the asthma action plan will be created in a manner that allows reduced night-time symptoms and in-days missed from work and school.
The plan will constitutes education with respect to its use that will make sure Henry’s parents understand the action plan to be confirmed to Henry as the time of its inception. The nurse has to educate the formulated action plan as a critical combination that will enhance self and family directed asthma management, which secure and effective (Chidekel, 2012). The warning signs like coughing, wheezing, and shortness of brea...
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