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Malnutrition / Obesity and Improving Outcomes Research (Reaction Paper Sample)


Article Review on Malnutrition/Obesity and Improving Outcomes Research Journal Article Choose a research article from a nursing/nutritional journal that explores the issue of strategies to improve health related outcomes regarding obesity/malnutrition in our society today. Below are a few suggestions you might consider. This can include: 1. What are barriers to a healthy nutritional status? 2. Rates of obesity/malnutrition in Virginia. 3. Why do people have difficulty in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? 4. What impact can nurses have effecting changes in the health care system? 5. Does preventive care make a difference? Follow the posted rubric specific to this assignment PLEASE. GRADING RUBRIC FOR ARTICLE I. Organization & Structure: 55 Points a. Paragraphs are coherent and transition smoothly. (20 Pts) b. Structure of article review includes an introduction, research, reflection and conclusion (35 Pts) II.Article Assessment: 15 Points a.Article review is no more than 2 pages excluding the cover, reference page. (5 Pts) b.Article is researched regarding the issue of health care delivery, outcomes and vulnerable populations. (10 Pts) III.Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: 20 Points a.Article review has no more than 3 errors in grammar, punctuation and or spelling (10 Pts) b.Clear statements, well organized, smooth transitions and sequencing (10 Pts) IV.APA Formatting & References: 20 Points a.APA format, citing, title page, references if used other than article, page numbers (5 Pts) b.Selections not older than 5 years (5 Pts) c.Must be a research/journal article (10 Pts)


Malnutrition/Obesity and Improving Outcomes
Hospital-based professionals face a lot of challenges when it comes to providing quality and affordable healthcare in the current era where there is a lot of pressure on the practitioners to deliver high quality healthcare (Lim, et al., 2012).Malnutrition has in the recent past emerged as one of the major challenges when it comes to achieving the expected healthcare outcomes. A research article by Tappended el al. (2013) discusses how hospital malnutrition healthcare outcomes and at the same time suggest some of the strategies that can be used to address the negative effects of hospital malnutrition on healthcare outcomes. According to this article, most adverse clinical outcomes are associated with malnutrition and call for a multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to dealing with the challenge of malnutrition during the hospital phase as well after discharge from the hospital. This paper will review the key findings in this article regarding how health outcomes can be improved by addressing malnutrition among patients.
According to research findings, it is possible to reduce the cost of care, mortality, readmission rates, length of hospital stay as well as complication rates through early nutrition intervention (Seres et al., 2015). Tappended el al. (2013) observe thathospital malnutrition still remains a major challenge in a country such as the US and recent healthcare policies focus on critical issues such as transparency, quality and cost. Therefore, it is important for all the stakeholders in healthcare delivery to promptly intervene in the situation through identification of malnourished patients and those that are at a great risk. Recent research findings indicate that one in every three patients that admitted in healthcare facilities is already malnourished and there are high chances that the patients may continue t...
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