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Reflective Practice Portfolio Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


course:- collaborative health care
outcome:- Incorporate leadership theory and skill within the assumed nurse role during healthcare interactions with patients and collaboration with the healthcare providers.
*Use a minimum of three (3) peer reviewed sources less than five years old.
* The paper is just to address/answer the following 4 topics as a student nurse that I have experienced during clinical rotation at hospitals.
1. Give examples of situations in which you observed or experienced any of the various leadership and management styles in clinical. In what ways have they been effective or ineffective for you or for those with whom you have worked? Which style may have been a better approach in the situation?
2.Describe quality improvement activities occurring within your assigned nursing department. Include the following in your description.
o What prompted the quality improvement initiative?
o Which of the Institute of Medicine Primary Goals is addressed through this project?
o Describe the expected outcome and how it will be measured.
3. Compare and contrast the nursing care delivery model used on the unit within which you are working with one of the other nursing care delivery models described in your readings.
o Reflect on why you think the unit chose the model it uses.
o What are the advantages and disadvantages of the model chosen by the unit?
4.Recall a situation in your clinical experiences in which an ethical decision was being made. If you have not been involved in this process yet, ask your preceptor to share an experience with you. Be sure only to discuss the situation as a case scenario without use of names of persons involved.
Which ethical decision-making principles came into play? What impact did the ANA and/or ICN codes of ethics have on the decision that was made?
** PLEASE feel free to include any hospital related experiences/issues/ stories to address the topics.(I don't care as long as they seems real for a student nurse). Please make sure to cover all the facets of every questionsand if the paper exceeds 4 pages, it's fine. If you have any question please let me know.
Thank you!


Reflective Practice Portfolio
Institution Affiliation
Understanding of leadership theories is significant to a nurse manager working in a health care facility. The principles enable a clinician to apply good management skills when interacting with the patients and other health care providers. This ensures provision of quality and professional services to the patient. The nurses apply various administrative styles in the clinical settings that best suit the situation. The nursing care models are useful to nurses and promote collaborative care process in a health care organization.
Clinical Leadership and Management Styles
The nurse manager applied the transactional management approach during cardiopulmonary resuscitation of a patient. This was an emergency situation where the style is effective. The manager mainly focused on the outcome of the resuscitation process. The procedure was carried out according to the nursing care manual. The transactional administration method stressed on managing the input of the nurses in the accident and emergency department, and evaluates their experience in the scope of nursing care. However, this style is ineffective in the nursing management of an emerging medical condition which requires initiative and inventive concepts (Urick, 2016).
The nurse administrator also applied a transformational administration method in the clinical situations. The administrator addressed a case of a patient who had undergone tracheostomy. He involved the nursing staff in decision making process to manage the patient who required intubation. He considered the individual contributions of each staff due to variation in their experience and abilities. He explained the objectives of the nursing care, and motivated the workers to accomplish the hospital vision. In addition he illustrated to the staff on the care of the intubation tube while maintaining sterility according to the nursing care manual. This style is effective in collaborative patient care scenario that requires creativity to treat conditions in the medical wards. However, it is ineffective in emergency department (Urick, 2016).
Democratic management approach was mostly evident in the clinical unit. The manager gave regular feedback to the nurses on patient care. The workers were divided in to groups, each headed by a team nurse. The aim was to improve the standard of nursing care delivered to the patients. The manager did not focus on personal errors of the group members. This method is more effective in clinical setting. However, it cannot be applied in care of patients in the critical care department. This style contributed the dominant leadership style used in the clinical unit I rotated (Urick, 2016).
Quality Improvement in Nursing
The quality refinement in nursing profession was prompted by a number of issues. First, the need to address nursing staff shortage experienced in the hospital. Secondly, ineffective nursing care structures existing in the healthcare organization. Thirdly, the absence of organized appraisal standards also affected the level of health care services (Kennedy, & Barnsteiner, 2016).
Several activities were implemented by the hospital to improve the quality of nursing practice.Thebenchmarking technique was executed. It involved utilizing relative data on standards of patient care to enhance the quality of management. Patients ...
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