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Should sex education be taught in public schools? Social Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Standard Form Arguments (4pts)
One of the chief goals of a logic class is to evaluate the quality of reasoning. Since we strive (or ought to strive) to base our beliefs and actions on high-quality reasoning, we must first learn how to discern the difference between good reasoning and bad reasoning. We express reasoning in the form of arguments. An argument is a series of statements, called premises, that are given in support of the truth of another statement, called the conclusion. Putting arguments into this form promotes clarity and facilitates evaluation. Please respond to this discussion question by doing the following:
(1) Review the List of Final Paper Topics which contains all the possible options for your final paper: Final_Paper_Options.pdf (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
(2) Choose a topic of interest to you, for which you feel you could create a strong argument on both sides. You will be using this topic for all three of your papers in this course.
(3) Find one source that presents a view on one side of the topic you chose. Your source does not have to be scholarly; it can be an article that you find in a newspaper or on the internet.
(4) Present the main argument presented in the source. Make sure to put the argument in standard form, with the premises listed above the conclusion.
(5) Explain whether the source provides the strongest representation of the reasoning on that side of the issue, without taking a particular side on the issue yourself. Consider the following questions in your initial post:
• How clearly was the argument expressed within this source?
• What more could be done to strengthen the reasoning in this source?
• What might one do to objectively understand the issue?


Sex Education should be taught in Public Schools
Sex Education should be taught in Public Schools
Sex education should be taught in public schools. Besides, school kids in the current generation can access all sorts of sexually explicit materials from various sources such as the internet, magazines, and even printings (Qureshi, 2017). The information is everywhere and not limited to people of any age. Thus, limiting the teaching of the issue in schools does not change the fact that children will still access the knowledge from other sources (Qureshi, 2017). Although parents may feel their children are exposed to the nuisance that may impact them negatively in the incarnation of sex education, they should understand that the matter is a natural phenomenon in human life. It is essential like all the other faculties in the human body (Qureshi, 2017). Therefore, students should be given primary

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