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Soc-100 Short-Answer Quiz: Race And Ethnicity (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Complete the quiz in a Word document. This is an open book quiz. The answer to each question must be 100-125 words.
Topic 5
1. Describe the difference between race and ethnicity. What roles do race and social class continue to play in the United States?
2. Describe a discriminatory situation that you experienced or witnessed. Identify the individual aspects of this discrimination. Describe any institutionalized racism that you have observed or experienced.
3. What should society do to reduce the possibility of discrimination in the workplace? What policies would you propose if you were the CEO?
4. What are the current cultural trends for the elderly? How does your personal culture influence how you will address the aging issues of your parents?


Soc-100 Short-Answer Quiz
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Soc-100 Short-Answer Quiz
Question 1
Race and ethnicity have a common ancestry but they have several differences. Race is basically a unit of heredity. Due to this reason, a person can have only one race. On the other hand, ethnicity has no limit or boundaries on the affected individuals. This implies that one can be a Caucasian but this does not prevent the person from having an English or a Dutch background. Race and class have always been playing a role in the United States because of the way the systems in the United States work. An example is that the taxes in the US are set according to classes. On the other hand, race depends on who you are or how you can be treated because in most of the times and places, people always face discrimination because of their race.
Question 2
One of the most annoying discrimination that I faced was at a casino where I once worked at. This was from one of the guests that I served. I used to work at a buffet and one customer was trying to rush another customer who was paying with small bills. The guest who was paying for the bills had a different color but spoke perfect English and the ones rushing him were a white couple. The couple shouted at the guest and spoke bad things about

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