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Who's Missing from America's Colleges? (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Who's Missing from America's Colleges?
Remember that you may pull up to three of your five news, thinking, op-ed ... pieces (mix them up so you aren't dealing with the same themes!) from the Google sheet of approximately 170ish pieces your instructor put together. The other two need to be located on your own.


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Who's Missing from America's Colleges?
In the United States, there are a large number of colleges and universities where domestic and international students seek admission in a large number. Every year, those institutions receive plenty of applications, and the applicants go through strict evaluation processes. Who is still missing from American colleges? Rural high school graduates don't seek admission in colleges and universities, and instead, start doing jobs. Most of them claim that it's not possible for them to continue studies due to financial problems. Their families force them to do jobs to earn a living, so they cannot continue their studies. In sparsely settled communities of the United States, no parent wants his or her child to forget the family and focus on studies all the time. What they want is money,

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