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People Like To Live In Disastrous Areas (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


People Like to Live in Disastrous Areas

Each of the remaining four of five portfolio pieces is worth 20 of the 100 total points. I am setting them up in Blackboard where they'll be submitted as #2, #3, #4, and #5. The instructions on the first one apply to these last four. Another look at the grading rubric can't hurt.


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People Like to Live in Disastrous Areas
The 2017 hurricane season brought unprecedented destructions to southern America and the Caribbean. Millions of men, women, and children migrated from unsafe lands to safe areas. Once the hurricane season was over, they were quick enough to return to their homelands. Why do people like to live in places that are at risk for disasters? Florida, California, and others areas of the United States are often exposed to natural disasters. Still, people don't leave these places permanently but migrate to safer areas temporarily (Achenbach & Berman 2017).
One of the possible reasons for this is their love for their homelands. It would be difficult for us to leave a place permanently where we were born, raised, and spent quality time with our family and friends. Is this the only reason why those individuals don't want to leave those areas

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