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Short analysis and annotations for "Meet Justin Bieber!" (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Make annotations on the pdf.
Read “Meet Justin Bieber!,” paying attention to the way Zadie Smith formulates a problem* in more specific, nuanced terms by representing a cultural “object”--in this case Justin Bieber--using several lens texts, most notably Martin Buber’s “I and Thou.” Similar to the work you did with Cole’s essay, notice how Smith represents her subject, Justin Bieber, and her lens texts by Buber, and how they work together. Also note that Smith discusses Buber in several different places; your homework would only be able to address one of them.
A genuine question, puzzle, or dilemma that, in the reader’s estimation, emerges from the topic or text. This puzzle arises from the writer’s encounter with evidence, from the identification or apprehension of something that is curious and that, therefore, provokes further investigation and research. The problem thus prompts and motivates the writer’s inquiry.
In a piece of writing, the problem provides context for the argument and forms an essential aspect of the idea. Initially articulated clearly in the beginning of the essay, the problem should catalyze readers’ interest and curiosity as well as represent what initially intrigued the writer.


Student Name
Analysis: Meet Justin Bieber!
In a world where people adore their celebrities, it is critical to examine the phenomenon. Celebrities, especially musicians, have a way of captivating admiration from their fans. In most cases, their fans wish to meet their favorite celebrities and have a relationship with them. Through the lens of Martin Buber, Zadie Smith demonstrates that the relationships that fans have with their celebrities are rather shallow and artificial.

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