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Masculinity as Homophobia Literature & Language Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


On a blank document, make a list of all the key terms* and concepts you can abstract from “Masculinity as Homophobia.” Some may be explicitly stated, some merely implied. Next to each term or concept, note what conversation / connection / counterargument / disconnection there is with Kimmel’s argument or main idea. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY is NOT needed, but I'd like to know the location of the term/concept and the connection addressed is in the essay. So a little bracket like this (paragraph number, page no.) after the key terms & the short analysis would be nice. It doesn't have to be long or formal, each term or concept only needs around 2-3 sentences to address its connections with the author's argument.
Key terms* - The conceptual or controlling vocabulary of the essay, the key terms are the recurring terms and concepts on which the argument rests. As Gordon Harvey notes, these terms “usually imply certain assumptions—unstated beliefs about life, history, literature, reasoning, etc. that the essayist doesn’t argue for but simply assumes to be true.” These assumptions should be clearly acknowledged, and key terms should be clearly defined when they are introduced in the essay.


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Masculinity as Homophobia
In Masculinity as Homophobia, the first term used by Kimmel, Michael S. is Masculinity (p. 25). The purpose of using this term is to describe our relationship with other humans and with the world as a whole. Masculinity is actually a set of attributes and qualities that is present in men. In my opinion, today’s men are trying to dominate women in one way or the other which means they have less interest in developing and maintaining a relationship with other humans.
Another prominent term used by the author is Manhood (p. 26). Kimmel, Michael S. believes that the

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