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What Makes Modernism Modern (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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What Makes Modernism Modern
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Modernism in Poetry
Modernism is an era in literary history which began in the early 1900s and continued until the early 1940s. Modernism is the movement of all artistic forms such as art, architecture, literature, music and many others, which began around the 1860s till the 1980s when it slowed down in Western society (Brooks, 2018). It is featured by the denial of traditional aspects and the evolution of innovation through science and technology which has impacted the social, cultural, and economic approach and debates the principle of age enlightenment. In art, modern artists established a new type of arts where they developed a collection of different kinetic art, animation, performance art; and many others. In poetry, however, much has changed in the last era compared to the poetry of the late 21st century. Industrial development and World War I and II were the main influences that lead poets like Stevens, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Gertrude Stein, and William Carlos to dynamically convert and amend poetic ideals that they saw as insufficient to make the judgment of the changing contemporary world.
To realize modernism in poetry, one should first know the origin of poetry. It alls started with metaphysical poetry which often uses paradoxes, the juxtaposition of difficulty and elegance of thought among other devices. In the eighteenth century, classical poetry merged which later led to the creation of romanticism that comprised of poets such as Jane Austen and William Wordsworth. The classical poets struggled to characterize the skillful constancy among strong opinions and intellect while preserving a stable flow of ideas rather than developing enjambments to different schools of thought. However, poets such as Robert Frost ripped the cover which the romanticists had to embrace between life and art. Also, the transcendentalism and naturalist association came along as a sub-association of the romantic period. Modern poetry takes on numerous features of the romantic period. The modern poet understands life and takes it as it is with all its weight and consequences. Some of the features that modern poets have borrowed from romanticism include strong ideas and intelligence but supports its clear use of free rhyme system from the 19th century (Rehder, 2016). Also, modern poetry frequently takes the shape of fragmented sentences structure, with full use of the enjambment, without commanding systems of punctuation, structural or syntax styles. For instance, the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, regularly takes form in negative, dramatic systems, frequently narrating occasions wherever issues went extraordinarily wrong or issue the poet wish they have completed contrarily.
The major features of transcendental poetry comprise of the use of script to engage with the situation in search of responses to life’s hardship, or to construct rich metaphors by using the powerful features of nature; such as plants, grasses, and lakes to differentiate the weakness of lifetime itself. In the 20th century, modernist feminist poetry became progressively popular compared to ancient poets

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