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Poetry Analysis: A Thoughtful Breakdown Of First Poem For You (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Assignment: For this assignment, you must write a two-page analysis of the work in which you discuss not just what you feel the poem is about, but also which poetic devices the poet used and to what end. Make sure to go into as much detail as possible about what types of devices are used and how. An analysis is not a summary or restatement of what is going on in a piece of work—it is a thoughtful breakdown of the work that results in insights that go below the surface of a one-time reading and far beyond just “who, what, where” types of statements.
Remember: Even though this is a short analysis, you must still make sure to follow the fundamentals rules of composition. For example, your paper must include an introduction (with engaging pull in and focused thesis statement), a body (with textual support), and a conclusion (with signal that you are concluding and something to think about).


Poetry Analysis First Poem for you Kim Addonizio
The opening line of the poem “I like to touch your tattoos in complete” and indicates that First Poem for you by Kim Addonizio is erotic. The fourteen line sonnet has a rhyming scheme and fluctuating meter. The speaker is only willing to touch and see the character’s tattoos when it is dark, while there is pain between the two, which is likely permanent and terrifying (line 12-13). The poet further mentions darkness, the permanence of tattoos and the pain of love as the speaker is fixated on her body and that of the beloved as there is no sense of light as the speaker prefers exploring the beloved’s body in darkness, the sense of touch is just as important as the visuals. Symbolism, theme of love and intimacy and the metaphor of darkness are poetic devices in the poem.
Addonizio uses symbolism as she mentions tattoos, which are mysterious permanent and even describes the tattoo pattern. “The blue swirls of water on your shoulder where a serpent twists, facing a dragon” (Line 5-7). The speaker is conflicted whether to continue loving the unnamed character, and while their bonds seems permanent like his tattoo on the shoulder, the speaker explores her companion’s tattoos and is intrigued by them even as only does this when it is dark. As such, the tattoo also represents intrigue, the relationship maybe going in an unexpected direction, but she wants assurance that her love is re

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