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Research and Describe The Love of Dumpling (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This essay is about the story of the food, and I choose the dumpling as the food. The story needs to be 4 pages long. I already write the whole story, but it needs to be furnished. The resources are the recipe
The story needs to be written include the following plot.
1. Sister and brother were born in a happy family, father, mother and grandmother, the total for 5people
2. Each spring festival, this happy family will have a great dinner- the dumplings (made by grandmother), because dumpling represent the love, together, family and warm. Especially the taste of the dumpling is the sense of the family.
3. At that year, the sister was 8 years old and brother is 6 years old. Father and mother went out for traveling, but this became their last memory or the world. The car accident took both of their lives.
4. Sister and brother only had grandmother now. The dumplings still appeared in the each spring festival, and this is the only time the sister and brother feel their parents still alive. The taste of the dumpling can make them back to the happiest time.
5. Times goes by, the sister and brother grow up, grandmother become old and old. In a swing of Cherry Blossom season, grandmother closed her eyes and he left the sister and the brother alone, just like their parents.
6. after that, the sister and brother never eat the dumplings, because they are afraid that the taste is not the same taste and the feel of love would never come back, they want to keep this memory, this taste forever in the heart.
7. After several years. brother and sister still do not have the dumplings. But one year, in the spring festival, the dumplings appear in the outside of their door and It is still hot. Sister and brother took the dumplings to the table, remember the days with their parents and grandmother. After they took a bite to eat, the taste is exactly the same as the dumplings made by grandmother.
8. Suddenly, magic events happened. The surroundings changed and the time went back. Everything went back to the day with the whole family. Father, mother grandmother were still stand by their side and the dumplings still on the table.

The Love of Dumpling
The Love of Dumpling
If all people assume that food is just for survival, they must be wrong according to Parker's family. The Parker's family consisted of five members. It was a small American traditional family that was made up of Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Jerry, who was the son and Carter, the dazzling daughter. The grandmother was also included in the family as she played a bigger role, especially in the kitchen. She was a loving, humble but assertive grandmother who worked herself out to keep the family happy. It was a happy family. The relationship the members of this family had can be described as close-knit. What was their secret?
The secret of this family unfolded during every spring festival. This was the time when the grandmother of the Parker family could not have allowed anyone to step into the kitchen. She could have guarded the kitchen jealously and possessively. From the mid-noon of the festival, she remained glued to the kitchen. Whatever was keeping her in the kitchen would be seen on the rest of the Parkers' faces. They seemed to be waiting patiently but eagerly in the dining, all their eyes glued to the kitchen door. ”Dinner is ready!!!!’’ a voice from the kitchen would be heard.
At the doorstep, a lady who was the heart of this beautiful family came out with a plate of dumplings. This was the family’s favorite dish. Since it was a rare commodity, it could only be enjoyed during the prime times of the years- the spring festival. Why just the dumpling? Somebody would ask. Dumplings are mouth watering since they are delicious, no denying. But was this all to the Parkers? There was something else. Dumplings signified love to this family. According to the grandmother, dumplings brought about togetherness in the family. It resulted to the warmth that the Parkers enjoyed. This was especially the taste of the meal. Apart from it being delicious, it brought about a sense of oneness in the family that got rooted in the back of their minds (Sarah, 2010).
It was this one fateful day when grief clouded Parker’s family like a fog (Nordquist, 2015). It was the time of the year when Carter was only 8 and Jerry was 6, when this unfair life rendered them orphans. Their parents had gone for their usual business trip when they met their fate on the way. It was a fatal road accident whose memory is glued in the minds of the witnesses to date. They all passed on the spot. How sad, how terrific, and why did it have to happen to these two little angels who knew nothing about life? T...
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