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What Is Love? For A Spouse? A Child? A Family Member? (Essay Sample)



Ideas for Subjects


The Definition is not a dictionary entry!!

Do not define a concrete object like a house, cat, dog.

Try to define an abstract term like love, hate, patriotism, jealousy, pride, friendship, kindness, etc. 

Consider this:

  1. Word:
  2. Distinguishing Characteristics:





What makes a friend?  What actions?  Behaviors?

What is love?  For a spouse?  A child? A family member?

How do we know if someone is patriotic?

You get the idea … use your imagination!


Thesis Sentence:  You are looking at the characteristics or behaviors that define the word.  You “explain” the word by using examples of what a person can do or not do that would demonstrate this idea.

These are just examples of how to phrase your thesis sentence.  Adjust yours to fit your subject.

People can display their patriotism by a, b, and c.

There are many types of love such as a, b, and c.

Love is not in words but in such actions as a, b, and c.

Love is displayed through the actions of a, b, and c.

Hate consumes people because it causes people to a, b, and c.



The term love bears various meanings to different people who show specific behaviors and speak words that can be considered to be love. In this perspective, humans demonstrate different types of love between themselves, towards nature or any object that may be appealing to them. This essay explores the characteristics of various kinds of love by looking at the examples of each type. The author analyses the passionate love, friendship love, familial love, agape love, and the self-love.
Love can be expressed both in words and actions. For instance, passionate love exists between two people who feel romance towards each other; it can begin when one mature person declares to another mature person that he/she loves her/him. The agape love can also be accompanied with positive words; for example, one can say that he loves God, nature or strangers; however, actions will prove the authenticity of the words. All types of love are judged based on the behaviors that are demonstrated by the person.
When someone mature adores another person who is not related to him/her by blood and is willing to do anything to protect and care for him/her despite the prevailing conditions, then such a person can be considered to be experiencing passionate love. The person who is loved has to reciprocate by loving back to enable the love to grow; the two can marry when they feel that they cannot continue staying away from each other. Passionate love can be accompanied with gifts such as flowers, or surprise presents that aim...
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