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Nutrition: Ellyn Satters Feeding with Love and Good Sense (Essay Sample)


Watch these very brief videos from Ellyn Satter's "Feeding with Love and Good Sense " videos (all links open in a new window, please see attached word document so you will be able to open the links , lzt me know if you can't open them so i will attach them to this request .)
Transitional 1
Preschooler 1
Transitional 2
Toddler 2
Preschooler 2
Share your reactions to this modules' A reading and videos.  Now consider the feeding practices you grew up with and assess how you were fed as a child.
How have your personal experiences informed your values regarding feeding children? In light of what you've learned, how have your ideas about feeding changed?
What recommendations would you give professionals who strive to shift cultural and family norms that may be in opposition to what experts now tell us about feeding practices that encourage life-long healthy eating habits? 
Please see attached request so you will be able to open the links ,please message me in case you can't open them so i will send the links to you .
Please answer all the above questions .
Please see attached lecture of this module .


In the transition one video, the child is clearly motivated to feed and seen to follow the spoon as the mother gives him food (Satter, 2017). At the same time the mother is seen to be cautious about the way he feeds him. She takes time and allows the child to see the spoon coming to his mouth and time to swallow the food he has in the mouth. In the transitional video two, shows a different approach that does not seem to work. The father is seen to give the child solid for the first time in six months. The child on the other hand does not want to take the food, as after the first spoon, he is seen to defend himself with his hands. However, the father does not seem to realize that this would be a good sign to stop to allow the child some time off before they are introduced to the solid foods again (BabyCenter, 2017). Stopping after the child has refused to take slid food is a good relief and one that could motivate the child next time they are given the food. In the toddler one video, there is a family sited at the dinner table and the children next n a smaller table (Satter, 2017). The element of eating together is seen to have some significant importance to the toddler as he is attentive to the company he has as he eats his food. At first, he does not want help which is common with toddlers and then after assistance from the mother, he seems to enjoy the meal. This is a crucial element, as todd...
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