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Valuable Gift of All: Self-Fulfilment through Self Love (Essay Sample)


A theme in a piece of literature is its view about life and how people behave. A theme is a recurrent idea which is often complex and/or moralistic. Although they often do, themes may not be intended to teach or preach. In fact, themes usually are not presented directly at all. We extract them from the characters, action and setting that make up a story. In short, we must figure out themes for ourselves. One theme common to all three of our novels during this course is the theme of self-fulfillment. This process of self-fulfillment is different in different characters since everyone is individual and no two people or characters are alike. All four of the main characters in the novels you've read during this course- Jame or Ruth in "The Color f water", Lily in "The Secret Life of Bees" and Chris in"into the wild", embark on and experience journeys of self-fulfillment. In an essay form of your choic-either separately-one essay answer per character and novel, or inclusively- one longer essay which incorporates details from all three of the novels, please describe the development of the theme of self-fulfillment in each of the novels you've read.

Self-Fulfilment through Self Love
Everyone has their story. All people, including you and me, have an experience of the most valuable gift of all, Life. In our Life, one of the goals that our soul resonates within us is the attainment of Self-Fulfilment. We each have our own likes and dislikes, dreams and desires, rough nights and Smooth awakenings but above all, we all have something that we truly Love. And it is this love that varies from person to person. This thing we call “love” has created epic stories and civilization itself. And in this regard, attainment of self-Fulfilment is defined variably and differently among us.
Now, let us look at the different examples of our main characters. Let us delve deep into their stories and analyze their hearts. Let us listen to their actions and look at their words. By doing so, we may gather a tad bit of information and feel their love. In the theme of their stories, we can see that in order to attain Self-fulfilment, our protagonist had to undergo a purgation of their selves. We see them suffer, struggle, and push hard through the challenges of their own environment. We can now see the pattern of self-fulfillment which shows that in order to be fulfilled, one must be able to satisfy thyself by the self, learning to forgive, and move on.
In the Secret Life of Bees, the protagonist Lily is a 14 year old child who learned from life and her mind the harsh bits of reality. She had a horrific family background and she accidentally killed her mother while witnessing an argument with the father. In this story, we can see that Lily's longing is directed to her deceased mother, but her love is channeled to her love for freedom. What she truly desired maybe interpreted as her lust for freedom, being able to do what she deemed precious for her ow...
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