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Peer review (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

You may wish to comment on the extended-definition techniques, including illustration by example, process analysis, and classification or any other aspect of the assignment that would be helpful to your fellow student. The previous checklist should help you formulate your responses, although, of course, you would have to be selective, given the word length of the response. Please write your response in paragraphs, not note form, and be sure to be respectful and polite in everything you suggest. 150-250 words. not over the number of words. source..

Peer review
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Peer review
Hello fellow student,
I have read your essay in which you have defined “Education” and discussed the different types of education commonly used today, formal and informal. I enjoyed reading and your definition is short, clear and precise. Overall, the essay is very informative and captivating to the reader since you have used clear examples to stress the main points and make the reader understand them better. The essay flows smoothly right from the introductory paragraph up to the last.
However, there are a few areas you may need...
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