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Alcoholism or Divorce Rate: The Benefits Of Not Marrying Early In Life (Research Paper Sample)


please choose from Alcoholism or Divorce rate
Please write a short research proposal that discusses your plan for research.
(from p. 27 in your text Writing Research Papers)
You may use bullet points OR complete sentences to address the following:
1. the specific topic of your argumentative research paper
2. the intended audience (who will benefit from this research? why should your reader care?)
3. How will you advocate (prop up, enhance, suggest, support) your stance?
4. Your preliminary thesis statement
5. interesting anecdote from your experience that connects with this topic. In other words, why do YOU care about this issue?
• So to reiterate, you MUST introduce an opinion on a topic (one not strictly fact) and a stance.
•EXAMPLE Donald Trump is not a legitimate President because he wasn't elected through the traditional American democratic process.
•Do you see that the premise is BASED ON AN OPINION (it must be; otherwise there is nothing to argue)
• It cannot be a topic that most everyone already agrees on, such as: Continuing your education is important in this global economy because...
•You cannot remain neutral on the issue. You must advance a particular stance on an issue and provide support for your specific stance. You are not required to supply information that contradicts your argument.

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1 Title: Increase in Cohabitation and Decrease in Divorce rates. The benefits of not marrying early in life.
2 The intended audience of this study are those people who are looking to marry early in life. This study is intended to debunk the notion among couples that they should marry early on in order to make the most out of their lives together, and the also the times when they are still “deeply in love”. The authors believe that this study would capture a lot of attention from the intended audience, because one of the increasing trends today is ‘cohabitation’. And, according to Renfro (2016), this phenomena have been one the main reasons why Divorce rates,a problem of many couples, have decreased.
3 The authors of this study would build up the argument of this research by showing data about the...
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