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Cinema Studies: Close Analysis I - Do The Right Thing (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This is a film-related paper
Please watch the film 'Do The Right Thing' or get an understanding of it before writing this.
This is regarding a particular still frame, but you can talk about the scene as well.
Make sure to keep this liberal, it's for liberal arts film school.
Side with Malcolm X over Martin Luther King Jr.
This is the prompt & instructions:
600-750 words
Due Thursday, October 5
Formatting: 12pt font, Times New Roman, 1” margins, double-spaced
15% of final grade
For this assignment, you'll perform an analysis of a still frame from Do the Right Thing. I will upload this still frame to analyze.
Your paper should have a thesis (main argument). Your thesis should appear in the first paragraph. A paper without a thesis cannot earn better than a C.
Your thesis should be supported by close description of the image. As you might already suspect, your paper will pay particular attention to elements of mise-en-scene. You may find it helpful to re-read chapter 4 of Film Art as you study your frame.
Some questions you can ask of your frame:
Where does this frame appear in the film?
How does this frame fit within the film's narrative?
How is this frame like or not like other frames in the film?


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Cinema Studies: Close Analysis I – Do the right thing
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October 5, 2017
The Mise-en-scene of the movie Do the Right Thing
The movie Do the Right Thing was one of those movies which was released during the peak of hip-hop culture in the U.S. More specifically, its director Spike Lee said that the main inspiration for the film was that there exists a prevalent and widespread “biasedness” and “prejudice” towards the African-Americans despite all of the efforts being done to mitigate it. In this article, our focus would be shifted towards the still frame, which shows Radio Raheem wearing a “Love-Hate” bling ring where there is a suburban apartment in the background. As we could remember from the film this the director Spike Lee utilized the town of Brooklyn, in New York City because it represents one of the places where there exists a huge number of the black population and where both of the races mix and interact together in large numbers. This is also the place as shown in the still frame which serves as the mise-en-scene of the film. Because of its theme and its excellent filming techniques such as that portrayed above, the movie was then nominated for two Oscars as well as 11 other awards from other prestigious film institutions. In order to understand this still frame, I believe that it would be best if we could lay a proper context to the picture. In retrospect, anyone who would go back to those times would see that despite the laws and the efforts placed in order to stop racial discrimination, the times of the 80s, and the early 90s have cultivated an enormous amount of hidden guilt and frustration betw

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