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There Should Be No Sexual Discrimination As Women Are Equal To Men (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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Mr. and Mrs. Donfold are married with two children: Mark and Mary. Mr. Donfold is a construction engineer while Mrs. Donfold is a pediatric nurse. The scene is taking place in the sitting room as the man and his wife is having breakfast. Their son Mark and daughter Mary join them shortly.
Mrs. Donfold: Since your car is in the garage, I will have to drop you at the construction site because you might get late.
Mr. Donfold: That is kind of you, and I count myself lucky to have you as my wife. In our society, it is often the duty of husbands to drop their wives…
Mrs. Donfold: I think men and women should be treated as equals in the modern society, especially in the job market. In terms of social, political, moral, and legal aspects, women are equal to men, and they should not be discriminated against because of gender. According to Nichomachean ethics, we should treat equal as equal.
Mr. Donfold: Yes, but…
Mrs. Donfold: but what?
Mr. Donfold: I have held a similar view, and maintained my stand to support feminism since college. Nonetheless, there are unjust aspects we have witnessed with feminist movements. Feminism has spread to levels where it harms the very society that it is meant to protect. Different treatment of women and men can only be morally acceptable if there is a clear incompetence between them. For instance, while it is fine to pay someone with a doctorate more than an undergrad qualification, it would not be okay to pay women less, simply because of gender difference. However, there is a twist nowadays. As more women are enrolled in male-dominated programs, the society is heading to an ultimate loss.
Mrs. Donfold: Even so, in our generation today, women are empowered just as men. They are given chances to be educated in the fields you have mentioned. We find many learned women owning big companies. Is that not a moral thing to do as a society?
Mr. Donfold: Yes, it is a good thing, but this makes men feel less appreciated and completely alienated from the tasks that they can handle better than women can. Imagine a man competing with a woman in a male-dominated field like construction engineering. A woman climbing on tractors and other dangerous places meant for men. As feminism continues to take root in our societies, the number of men in these fields will decline and eventually approach an absolute zero.
Mrs. Donfold: I really love women who challenge men in those dominated fields. It makes them pull up their socks and work harder. If a woman can be an engineer and does the tasks men do, then let her be. Let men and women be treated as equals.
Mr. Donfold: I concur with your argument, but there are men who find it hard to work in a company where a woman is a boss. A woman cannot order them around me in the name of a boss. Giving them rules and expecting them to follow would be tricky.
Mrs. Donfold: It is something to be proud of having a woman as your boss. It is always hard for a woman to treat her employees badly not like men employees. In addition, women tend to favor men compared to their fellow women. Most companies and organizations that are managed by women are successful because of how women are enterprising people and good planners.
Mr. Donfold: Most women are poor in businesses. They make them fall first, but men are good in businesses, and that is why the richest person in the world is a man, not a woman
Mrs. Donfold: Do you know that behind every successful man is a woman? That is why you find most successful men have wives to guide them in serious decision-making processes. Our socie...

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