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Information Characteristic And Qualities Of Child (Admission Essay Sample)


1. List 3 adjectives that best describe my child.
* Persistent
* Firm
* Kind
2. Which of your child's accomplishments are you most proud ?
Highly Self-motivated, She knows what is the best for herself.
3. Can you think of any obstacles your child has overcome ?
She has obstacles during sophomore year for calculus, she has hard times to get a good grade.
She tried hard to get one on one tutoring in order to pass the class.
4. What are her greatest strengths ?
She always planning ahead.
4B. What are her greatest weaknesses?
She always afraid of failure.
5. When reviewing your child's application, what is the single most important fact the admissions team should
should look to know about him/her ? What set your child apart from the rest ?
She is self starter.
She works to achieve the goal- for example to do a lot of volunteer at local community center (adopt highway, clean the park, feed the homeless, breakfast for elderly)


Information characteristic and qualities of Child
Information characteristic and qualities of Child
Spending every day with my daughter is the most rewarding experience as a parent; she's one of the interesting children who never run short of questions. She always wants to know everything; she is very keen. She asks every tiny detail, and she is very observant. She is persistent and will keep on asking until she gets an answer. Her imaginations and the way she thinks can be amazing.
What I like about her is her firmness, my daughter cannot be swayed easily if she doesn't like something, and she will speak up without fear. She doesn't go along with what her friends say; she knows who to believe in and have her ways of doing things. My daughter is kind and generous; she loves helping out whenever she can, I see a future philanthropist because whenever we leave a restaurant, she always offers her leftover salad to homeless people all the street.
She loves her little sister; she will go out of her way to make her happy. She is ready to share anything with her sister. My daughter is outgoing, that is why she has many friends in school and the neighborhood, and she makes friends easily. I am proud my daughter because she is an amazing person; she is caring and always concerned about other people. She prefers spending her free time with her friends or helping out in church instead of playing video games as most children do. When she is not helping out somewhere, she prefers reading.
As a parent I am proud of her persistent nature, she is a self-motivated individual who knows what she wants. She is focused, dedicated and intelligent young woman who strives to achieve the best in whatever she does. Whether it's cleaning up or cooking, she's flexible and always, ready to jump in an

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