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Prelimentary Literature Review And Checklist Item (Term Paper Sample)


Contains a minimum of 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles.
Each article needs to be thoroughly summarized. The summary must describe the relevance of the article, and how the research findings support the action you are proposing in your capstone project.
Each article summary needs to include a research design and methods section.
The capstone project requires a comprehensive literature review that includes a minimum of 25 articles; 10 article summaries will be written in HCA-620 and can be applied in HCA-699.
Action Item Checklist:
The Action Item Checklist should include specific future steps required to complete your capstone project as well as expected completion dates.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
This assignment uses a grading rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Your Name
Course No.: HCA-620
Date of Submission
Problem Statement:“Containing the high obesity prevalence levels remains a challenge for the United States since causes are not well understood”
Preliminary Literature Review
Masters et al. (2013) studied the causal relationship between obesity and mortality levels. The primary objective of the study was to determine the surplus percentage mortality for the American black and white cohorts based on their BMI. Interview survey method was used where 19 National surveys were interrogated based on the National Death Index (NDI) database to establish a correlation between obesity and adult mortality. According to the study results, the percentage adult mortality levels linked to obesity were 5.0% and 15.6% for African American men and White American men respectively (Masters et al., 2013). The study established a strong relationship between obesity and high old age mortality. It concluded that previous studies underestimated the effect of obesity on U.S mortality incidence levels. The study was selected since it concluded that obesity significantly shapes the overall U.S mortality levels, which have relevance to the capstone research topic.
Frank and Akresh (2013) explored the subject of social patterning based on BMI among American immigrant populations. The study objective was to investigate the association between BMI and social gradients and its incidence levels among U.S immigrants based on data obtained from the new U.S immigration survey specifically for contemporary immigrants groups. The study findings indicated that the trend in the relationship between BMI and social economic status showed widespread dispersion across the U.S. The results showed that the SES-BMI incidence was higher among women who immigrated from developed economies. The study is relevant as it concludes that the deteriorating inequality among U.s immigrants has a direct impact on their diet.
Liao et al (2016) studied the decline in obesity prevalence levels among 14 disadvantaged African American communities in the United States. The research employed a racial and ethnic study model which was then mapped to the U.S community health. It largely focused on 14 African American communities. Risk factor surveillance database was used in determining the age-standardized incidence levels. The results showed a decline in the targeted communities as opposed to the comparison communities. The article is relevant as it examines among other things, the overall effect of reduction of obesity prevalence. The findings suggest a reduction in the obesity prevalence among the targeted African American communities.
Preston et al (2014) studied the effect of smoking and obesity on the national life expectancy levels. The study explored the effects of a reduction in smoking and its association with high obesity related mortality rates. The collected and collated data based on integrated studies that was then used to predict future BMI for U.S populations. It also used projection and prediction matrices to determine future obesity prevalence levels. The study established that changes in smoking directly impacts obesity prevalence levels, which ultimately affects the overall U.S mortality levels. The study is relevant to my capstone project as it examines one of the etiological factors for obesity and its association with overall mortality levels.
Broady & Meeks (2015) studied the relationship between obesity and social inequality in the United States. The study used ordinary least square regression based on CDC data to explore the various risk factors that affect obesity prevalence levels. The find...

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