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06-U8-AGP: Controversial Treatment and Legislative Change (Essay Sample)


06-u8-aGP Controversial Treatments and Legislative ChangeOutcomes addressed:Evaluate the implications of the effects of contemporary health policy on providers and consumers.Assess the legislative and policy-making strategies specific to scope of practice and nursing roles that influence health care services and practice.Health care treatment option that is controversial and maybe costly for Intragastrical balloon surgery. Describe the positive and negative benefits from the treatment, evidence of effectiveness, and the potential harm of a different treatment option. What strategies would you use to advocate for a legislative change in your state to influence insurance coverage for this treatment.1. Compare and contrast the costs of the controversial treatment with the costs associated with traditional treatments.2. Describe the required process for legislative change to occur in California state.Note:• This is a fact-based Assignment that will not include your opinion.• This will require research and support for what is written.• The Assignment should be in your words after reading the scholarly and fact-based publications and have proper citations. There should be no quotations. The professor wants to hear your voice as a master trained nurse.• Write 3-page paper, the paper should have 3-4 citations (within 5 years) and some of these should be case law or applicable statutes.
Your writing should:• Follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.;• Be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;• Display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and• Use APA 6th Edition format as outlined in the APA Progression Ladder.


Controversial Treatment and Legislative Change
Course Title:
Controversial Treatment and Legislative Change
Obesity has become a public health concern in virtually all countries across the world. In the United States, for instance, its prevalence between the year 2013 and 2014 was 35.2% and 37.9% for women and men respectively (Flegal, Kruszon-Moran, Carroll, Fryar & Ogden, 2016, p. 2286). Similarly, childhood obesity has also become a great public health issue in the country given that its prevalence has been on the rise in recent years. In response to the negative impact of both adulthood and childhood obesity, a number of treatment options have been developed. Additionally, obesity can also be successfully managed through lifestyle changes including proper diet intake and engaging in physical activity. Intragastrical balloon therapy is among the various weight-loss procedures that are aimed at reducing the prevalence of obesity. It involves putting a silicone balloon consisting of saline in the patient's body in order to limit his or her food consumption, and hence making him or her to lose weight. However, the procedure is used when all other procedures have failed to achieve the desired health outcome. Currently, a controversy exists regarding the use of intragastrical balloon therapy given that a number of deaths have been reported following the balloon placement. This controversy is largely centered on the various insertion procedures including intestinal obstruction, and esophageal and gastric perforation. This paper seeks to compare and contrast the cost of endoscopic intragastrical balloon treatment with the costs relating to conventional treatment options, and provides the requisite process for legislative change in California State.
The cost of medication in the US has steadily been rising in the recent past. It is for this reason that most patients are seeking alternative options for the treatment of different ailments. In the case of obesity, the most favored traditional treatment option is acupuncture. According to a survey by Costhelper Health, the cost for a session with an acupuncturist will cost a patient between, $75 and $95. This will however vary when a patient has a routine visit because it will stand at $50 and $70 (Nordqvist, 2017). In comparison to the intragastric balloon, there is a major disparity in terms of cost. In the US, the cost implanting and retrieval of the balloon will cost a patient US $8,150. The traditional method if well applied can yield good results at an affordable cost. According to FDA, three balloons have been approved. They are ORBERA, ReShape and Obalon, which will be used in the treatment of obesity (Tate & Geliebter, 2017).
Endoscopic Intragastrical Balloon Treatment for Obesity
Endoscopic bariatric therapy is an effective treatment for obesity and other related health issues. As an alternative to the traditional obesity treatment options, endoscopic bariatric therapy provides patients with greater efficacy and is associated with lower health risks compared to the traditional surgical procedures (Kim, Chun, Choi, Keum & Jeen, 2016, p. 5495). Specifically, an intragastrical balloon is an endoscopic treatment option with substantial efficacy in efficacy in terms of relieving various comorbid disease sympt

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