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Professional Growth In School Nursing Practice (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This is a self evaluation paper for finishing my school nurse credentials. Please use simple words and stick to school nursing practice in secondary level (middle school and high school) ( school nurse).

Has your philosophy of school nursing changed in the last year? Discuss your plans for continuing your professional growth in school nursing practice. How do you plan to continue to promote your professional image among fellow professionals and students? What value you place on membership and involvement in professional organizations relevant to school nursing? Give reasons and examples.  


School Nursing Practice


School Nursing Practice

My philosophy of school nursing has changed in the past year. In the past, I often assumed a school nurse was just a nurse who happened to find some work in school. However, I have realized that school nursing practice comprises of important roles that help in health promotion, as well as primary prevention (Magalnick & Mazyck, 2008). School nurses work closely with the school management, as well as the students and other staff to ensure the welfare of everyone in the school. For example, they plan school community development activities that focus on creating awareness on health for the students. These community development activities can include advice to staff or students on how to make healthy life choices. Further, they are also involved with individual student health promotion and counseling. For example, if a student is feeling sick the school nurse can offer health care and also counseling for things such as stress or anxiety that can cause some illnesses among students or young people (Magalnick & Mazyck, 2008). If a student is having serious health problems, school nurse can identify this and provide advice and referral to students.

My plans for continuing professional growth in school nursing include joining college and doing a course in nursing. For example, I plan to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing and later I can enroll to gain other certifications such as MSN degree (Magalnick & Mazyck, 2008). This will enable me to becomes a registered nurse and pursue a career as a nurse practitioner, administrator, healthy policy expert, or as a clinical nurse leader. This knowledge and experience will be important when guiding students and staff in the school about health promotion. Ideally, I will focus on being accredited by

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