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Finding Better Solutions For The Future Of Public Education (Essay Sample)


In your own words, summarize the collection of readings as a group.
Identify a short quote from one or more readings, and explain why you chose that quote.
Pose a carefully considered question (or questions) about the readings
Please including "How has bilingual education been enacted in the past and in the present day? How do politics determine language education policy? What is the relationship between schooling, language, and hegemony?" those questions in the essay
Please chapter 5 which page 53- 67


After several years of policy reforms within the education sector, experts believe that these reforms have failed to address the broader problems facing public education. Experts argue that school reform success claims lack sound research. Similar sentiments are expressed in the book, The Big Lies of School Reforms: Finding Better Solutions for the Future of Public Education written by Paul Gorski and Kristien Zenkov. The book analyzes the many lies about school reforms describing some of the motives behind these lies, including those who benefit from them.
The book contains volumes of research findings, conversations, and debates analyzing school reforms highlight research findings, presentation and legislative debates on school reforms. The initial chapters of the book reveal misleading remarks and inconclusive information shared about the success of education reforms that scholars describe as diminishing vision of public education (Gorski and Zenkov 63).
The other chapters review other important aspects of education like curriculum and assessment and the role of teachers in the process of exploring the lies and deceptions depicted by education reformers (Gorski and Zenkov 72).The latter sections of the book review the discourses used by those with high stakes like lobb

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