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The Help: Dreams Of Turning Into A Writer (Movie Review Sample)


The Help writing assignment
Write a detailed paper with details and citing evidence from the film.
1. This story is about the changes in the characters of give women. Write an essay in which you identify these five women and for each, in one paragraph, describe the way in which the woman changed over the course of the story.
a. Be sure to describe how classism plays a role in the identity of each of the women and cite support for every opinion with direct reference to a specific scene.
b. Include how the condition of housekeepers, maids and nannies in society today have changed or not changed since the 1950s investigating factors such as ethnicity, age, or gender.


The Help
The Help, is a film that was directed by Tate Taylor and was released on august the 9th in 2011. It is film that is about young woman that completes college in the southern society of Mississippi and comes to the community with the dreams of turning into a writer. She take on the role of taking to the African American women in the community most of whom are maids working for white families. At first they are afraid but then they change their mind and join in the interviews to give their insights.
One of the main characters in the film is Aibileen Clark who is rather weathered black and also wise. She is very caring and is seen to take care of the white children as though they were her own. However, she is also seen too transition through the film and the major changes take place when her son dies. She no longer is not comfortable with accepting the way that things are (Napikoski).
One other character that is seen to grow in the story is Skeeter. She is a one of the main characters and her contribution to the story is subtle. She grows quite immensely and to a complex woman that is a supporter of the African American rights (Stockett). This is despite the fact that her community do not support her and they hate her for it. However she was loved in the African American community relative to her contribution to bringing attention to the classism in the society (Lawler). There is also the element of change in her sexuality, such that even her mother is afraid that she may become lesbian.
Some element of change can be seen in the character Elizabeth Leefolt. At the start of the story, she is seen to be rather petty and could have even been considered

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