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Fight Club Culminating Task: The American Dream (Essay Sample)


Essay which will be turned into a podcast once it is submitted back to me. This is on the book fight club. Please use in text citations and use quotes from the book/movie to back up the points.
From rubric: (TOPIC) If art mirrors the society that makes it, then what does Fight Club say about the world we live in and how we relate to each other? Do you agree? or Disagree?


Fight Club Culminating Task
Humans view happiness as the ability to fulfill all their desires, most people believe that by acquiring the material wealth, all their desires will be fulfilled. However, humans are likely to feel dissatisfied with the world because of the unfulfilled desires. The difference between their dreams and reality often leads to rebellion. The world we live in today is far from being natural, in the contemporary world, people tend to be drawn to rebellion because they are likely to experience unjustness, hence feel disappointed and lonely because of the many unfulfilled desires.
The movie Fight Club has generated several debates about our desires versus reality, the movie offers an extraordinary examination of how many people feel alienated and lonely in the process of acquiring material wealth, which they believe will make them happy. People tend to chase imaginary desires in life and such depictions can be seen in the movie fight club. The movie reveals how our desires and the need for fulfillment drives people to behave the way they do. Therefore, we can state that if art mirrors the society, movies like Fight club present images of contemporary social realities that show the struggles of people to fulfill their heart desires.
Fight Club theme is related to the idea of feminization, that h commonly present images of individual to be autonomous, self-determined and are in constant battle against societal forces that threatens their autonomy. In the Fight Club, the male characters seem to be searching for imaginary desires, they are not authentic. Fight club is more of an attack on tradition and its one of the contemporary films that depicts the modern crisis (Locke 67). People tend to chase material wealth in a bid to fulfill their desires, but only end up feeling lonely and dissatisfied. In the movie many of the characters rebel because they experience a world which for them is unjust, lonely, hence they feel disappointed (Locke 64).
In the modern world, most people seem to be lonely; they try to look for ways to connect with other people using different platforms. This is one of the common themes in the Fight Club that resonates with the contemporary world. The fight club also depicts the misconception about The American dream, which is more of acquiring material satisfaction that leads to emptiness and isolation. Therefore, living a purposeless life of alienation and loneliness pushes people to try and re-establish contact with the world (Locke 71). It is such intuitions brought about by the inadequacies of American life that leads many people to feel dissatisfied with life.
In Fight Club, the story revolves

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