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The American Dream in The Great Gatsby (Essay Sample)


In class this year, we have discussed the idea of the American dream throughout novels such as “All My Sons” and “A Raisin in the Sun”. How should readers of The Great Gatsby define the "American dream"? Is pursuing the American dream necessarily a good thing, as evidenced by The Great Gatsby? In an essay (1-2 pages), please state your view on whether or not Gatsby's version of the American Dream is the ideal one. Use examples from the text for maximum credit
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The American Dream in The Great Gatsby
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The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a tragic love story that is mostly considered a pessimistic critique of American Dream. In this novel, the main character (Jay Gatsby) works really hard to overcome his problems and earn sufficient money. In 1920, in New York City, he got murdered after being tangled up with the “old money” crowd. Through Wilson and Gatsby's lifestyles, Scott Fitzgerald wants to clarify that America is where we can get anything with hard-work, dedication, honesty, and devotion. Unlike other nations, the United States is a place where people demand peace and harmony and know how to amend their ways. Thus, the write calls America a perfect and best place to live in.
The American Dream is a belief that any person, regardless of his class, race, nationality, gender, age, and background, can be rich and successful in the United States. This country provides its citizens with lots of opportunities of self-grooming and self-improvement. People here get all basic rights and know how to fulfill their duties. Thus, the American Dream only presents pretty rosy views of the American society and ignores issues like misogyny, systemic racism, xenophobia, income inequality, and state tax

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