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The Futility Of Human Dreams: Independence (Essay Sample)


Write an essay (about 500-600 words long) in relation to the following prompt:
We have read two books so far this semester that deal with the futility of finding fulfillment in your hopes and dreams. Jay Gatsby hopes and dreams in vain. George and Lennie hope and dream in vain. Fitzgerald and Steinbeck seem to be critiquing the idea of the American Dream, or perhaps even man's dreams in general. If this critique is true, then what are we left with? If the American Dream is an impossibility, and if your best laid plans may fail, where should you put your hope? Write an essay arguing for where people should place their hope, given the ever-present hardships in life.


The futility of Human Dreams
In each of the stages of life, there has to be an encounter of dreams that form an illusion about the future life of a person. According to Americans, dreams have been perceived as efforts made by people to achieve what they want in their lives. In the book, Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck tries to show vain in the American dreams by bringing in characters such as George and Lennie. George and Lennie despite working as ranchmen have got dreams for a better future, unlike the other ranchmen who work hard without the quest for a future. The author successfully manages to show how we can dream in vain by demonstrating from the characters. George and Lennie dream of a better life full of freedom and independence. Lenine goes ahead and reminds George of his dream of a great ranch where they will be running the ranches by themselves despite having being fired from their previous ranch for killing a pet. George stills hope of working on a better ranch regardless of their difference in ideas. However, in the last chapter, George shoots Lennie and thus their dreams are shattered. It is an illustration of how human beings are filled with hope and dreams that tragically come to an end (Steinbeck, p. 96).
The death and fall of dreams by human beings has been also illustrated in the book, Rise and Fall of American Dream in the Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald conveys the message in the dreams of American as possession of material and having a good life where they could have parties and fun. The American had a delusion of being in the social elite class which ends in vain. In the book, Fitzgerald critiques the American

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