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Screening/ Reading response: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (Movie Review Sample)


Word Count: 500-600 words. This is considered a formal writing assignment so, as with all assignments, it must be in MLA format, drafted, and revised. 
Instructions: After viewing Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope and reading Kathleen Ellis’ “New World, Old Habits: Patriarchal Ideology to Star Wars: A New Hope” answer the following prompts as completely and concisely as you can within the word count.
First, briefly identify and summarize the approach used by Ellis’ “New World, Old Habits: Patriarchal Ideology to Star Wars: A New Hope.” Avoid over use of quotes (use no more than one or two sentences total). Instead, put it in your own words. Be careful if/as you paraphrase 
Then answer the following: Ellis notes that Princess Leia “exercises power” early in the film, but as the film progresses she becomes “the traditional damsel in distress.” Do you agree with her assessment and find her examples from the film convincing? If yes, explain why you agree with her and which example(s) you found most compelling. If not, explain why not and support your claims with evidence from the film.

Screening/ Reading response: Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope
Ellis’s approach
In order to highlight on the role of ideology in the society, Ellis points out on instances where Princess Leia’s contribution are trivialized In order to understand how the author places the role of ideology in the society, then understanding what is viewed as the mainstream in the society with regards to identity is also crucial. Leia is given a powerful role in the film, but it is only through the actions of the mea that she seems to be more powerful, and it as though, Leia allows the men to take charge and make key decisions. Ellis uses the example of Leia to show that when men create female characters they do not necessarily transcend stereotypical patriarchal ideals about the role of women and feminism
The author is right to point out that the film perpetuates stereotypes, and downplaying the role of Leia is simply one of these strategies. Like many minorities in films, women are stereotyped to an extent that they are invisible. As the leader of the Rebel Alliance, it would be expected that Leia would have a more prominent role in the film. However, because the dominant ideology, power politics come into play given that those who produce the film select what is seen as the norm, but this is simply because they focus on the male ...
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