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The Impact of Exchange between New World and Old World (Coursework Sample)

When exchange exists between areas, there are inherent dangers but also many benefits. How did this contact between the Old World and the New World change the face of both? What are some examples of items that went from the Old World to the New World and vice versa. What was the most valuable item to move from one "World" to another and why was it the most valuable? source..

The Impact of Exchange between New World and Old World
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At the onset of 1492, there was a widespread exchange between the Old World/Eastern hemisphere (Africa, Asia, and Europe) and the New World/ Western hemisphere (America) after the voyage of Christopher Columbus to America. Columbian exchange, as it is referred, resulted into an extensive exchange of human population (slaves), plants, animals, ideas, and cultures between the Western and Eastern hemispheres which in turn caused ecological revolution. The contact between the two worlds caused a significant effect to every society. Despite the many benefits of this contact, there was uncontrollable exchange of communicable diseases of which the Americans had no immunity.
The Columbian exchange changed the face of both the two worlds. First, the Old World suffered depopulation in its culture. The exchange of animals and plants transformed Americans, Africans, Asians, and Europeans way of life. The new crops became the staple food for the people and new agricultural regions sprung up. The introduction of maize and manioc by Portuguese traders replaced African traditional crops as the staple food. The Spanish colonizers introduced new staple foods such as sweet potatoes and maize in Asia which resulted into population increase in Asia. The New World had no domesticated animals before but after the contact, America started domestication of animals.
Some of the items that went from the Old World to the New World included animals such as Horses, Chickens, Pigs, Goats, Cattle, and Sheep; plants such as Wheat, Coffee, Ragweed Melons, Clover, Sugarcane, Rice, Daisies, Barley, Olives, Dandelions, Oats, And Bananas. The items that were exchange from the New World to the Old World included animals such as Guinea pigs, Turkey, Alpacas, and Llamas; animals such as Avocadoes, Pineapples, Tobacco, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peanuts, Guavas, Corn, Squash, Manioc, Cacao, Beans, and Papayas. Diseases such as smallpox, common cold, chicken pox, influenza, measles, yellow fever, and malaria were ...
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