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Speech Problems, Avoid Speaking In Public: The Kings Speech (Movie Review Sample)


Reviews should include a brief synopsis of the movie, brief background of the communication disorder and a brief evaluation of the effectiveness of the portrayal of the communication disorder in the movie.


The King's Speech
Many people with speech problems, avoid speaking in public to avoid embarrassing moments. However, when duty calls, one has no choice but to face his fears. The King's Speech depicts such situation presenting the story of Britsh king George VI, and his struggles. In the movie, after the death of his father, Prince Albert needs to ascend to the throne as King George VI. His speech problem makes him feel less confident to speak to the public who are eager to hear what he has to say. With the country on the brink of war and in need of a strong leader, his wife makes arrangement to help the king with his speech problem. She hires a speech therapist Lionel Logue. Initially, the king and the therapist did not get along, but with time the two men agreed to cooperate. The two examines some of the unconventional ways of treatment and eventually forming an unbreakable bond.
The Kings' Speech is more of a refined story of overcoming adversity, using a unique theme of friendship, duty, national pride, and loyalty. King George did not want to be a king, but after the death of his father the throne was to be p

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