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Movie Review Assignment: Little Vera (1988), Vassily Pichul (Movie Review Sample)


Please write a movie review of Little Vera (1988), Vassily Pichul based on the history background.
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02 November 2017
Movie Review: Little Vera (1988)
The movie ‘Little Vera’ directed by Vasily Pichul in 1988 is a drama-romance film starring Natalya Negoda (Vera). It depicts a story of a teenager undergoing self-discovery within the confines of her alcoholic father (Kolya), mother (Rita), brother (Victor) and boyfriend (Sergei). Most scenes take place within the three-roomed house comprising of the kitchen, living room and one bedroom in the province.
Vera, a troubled teenager seeks to find happiness in Sergei, her boyfriend who she marries and moves in to live in the three-roomed house. Victor works in the city while Vera having finished high school roams around with peers partying and romancing with Sergei. After Sergei moves in, trouble and chaos never cease in the crumpled apartment leading to Sergei and Vera’s father fighting. Sergei moves out and Vera attempts suicide.
The movie gives a clear illustration of the harsh social life during the years before the end of the Soviet Union. Vera while talking to Sergei reiterates the common goal of her country which was communism. The film exhibits communism features revolving within the state at that moment where the society was classless. The citizens hardly had access to basic needs with the youth rebelling against the communist ideology adopted by their parents. The movie illustrates hopeless citizens whose glitter of joy came from vodka, rebellion, and romance. Vera’s conduct in the movie exemplifies the social and economic crisis the Soviet Union was undergoing in the 1980s through the communism spirit initiated by Jose...
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